When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win.

Set the Pace in Psychic Morphism

Psychic Morphism

So how would we set the pace? Reestablish healthy rhythms?

We’ll have to become more aware of our real needs — as living organisms in a holistic sense and not separated from the worlds around us.

The Greeks had not one concept of time originally, but two. They had chronos, the literal time, and another, called kairos which roughly translates as opportune time. It can be thought of as being the situationally appropriate time. I think that one of the adjustments we could make to the human psyche would be to recover that sense of kairos.

We live and die just as we always have, with the life and death of the ecosystem around us. Our behaviour still must change with the passing of the seasons. We can’t behave the same in winter as we do in summer, but there is more. If you watch, you can see a psychic morphism in the world around us that originates in the other species we live with. The movement of birds, gathering or dispersal of insects, the changing mood of wolves and tigers and bears. We think of these psychic events as not effecting us, as having nothing to do with us, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Back on that emotional level I mentioned, the reason we as human beings are so panicky and anxiety stricken, is we know that we need a part of our experience that we have shut out and forgotten how to engage. The ways of the wolf and deer and eagle were not originally foreign or strange to us as much as rationalists would like to say otherwise. We had a deep intuitive recognition of animal behaviour, as well as the cycles of weather and nature around us, even if we were unwilling to submit to fulfilling the wolfs need for food with our own flesh. Does this not resonate with the truth as you understand it?

I’d say that shutting out death in our society has caused me much more stress regarding death.

This reminds me of the coyotes in the forest where I live and how their howling is cyclical. It seems, anyway. I would say trust your sense of it.

But yes, would most know where the seagulls in the parking lot of the McDonald’s go anymore? What those beings live like? Even those we empower socially, to look into these things still, bring with them a set of teachings that only serves to shut down any natural intuitive process that would connect their awareness with those birds. So even they are in the same boat we are.

It takes a long time for wildlife photographers to get attuned enough with their subjects to be able to photograph them “naturally.” Indeed, artists these days come closest to still being able to attune, but sort of like those lockets that were once somewhat popular – two pendants that when put together look like a complete heart? – we are trying to understand our minds with only half of the locket, half of the natural mind that would of, and still should, be there.

The left half.¬†And the front part of that. So geometrically, it’s even less than half.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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