'Psychic Morphism' Chapter

Psychic Morphism

Our entire presence in nature bears the imprint of our psyche as a species. When you look at any human community, you aren’t seeing something that is as simple as an objective necessity, you are instead seeing the human mind as it stands today. It’s state of being.

The reason we as human beings are so panicky and anxiety stricken, is we know that we need a part of our experience that we have shut out and forgotten how to engage. We had a deep intuitive recognition of animal behaviour, as well as the cycles of weather and nature around us. Our bodies are forcing a return because our minds were remaining ignorant of the truth. The rule is very very simple, “life first.”

Imprint of Our Psyche

Today’s topic is psychic morphism, also related to the concept of psychomorphism, which is the tendency to ascribe human-like thinking to animals and objects, like when we joke that some household appliance is out to get us, and things like… Seek More

Driving Force Behind Human Activity

If psychic morphism weren’t the primary driving force behind human activity, then why have our tools and technology changed so much over the extent of human history? And they have a very great deal. Many of the most archaic tools… Seek More

Set the Pace

So how would we set the pace? Reestablish healthy rhythms? We’ll have to become more aware of our real needs — as living organisms in a holistic sense and not separated from the worlds around us. The Greeks had not… Seek More

Betterment of Our World

All of this doesn’t mean we aren’t meant to think or create things. We most certainly are meant to do both, and even seek to grow in our understanding and imaginings as well. But rather than create for “humans”… We… Seek More

Life First

I’ve read stories of British explorers back in the 1800s. They would ignore the local ways as barbaric and try to use their own technology in the foreign land. It was insane and disastrous. It’s amazing how blind we can… Seek More

Getting to Know You

Psychic morphism is a fact. It will not stop and neither should it stop, but the psychotic schism that contemporary thought is based on, these models of “real life” and “the real world”, those need to be put aside. We… Seek More