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The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

Betterment of Our World in Psychic Morphism

Psychic Morphism

All of this doesn’t mean we aren’t meant to think or create things. We most certainly are meant to do both, and even seek to grow in our understanding and imaginings as well. But rather than create for “humans”… We have no actual idea what they want. Even our scientists are observing that. This is why some of them seem to be getting off so enthusiastically on the notion that we have no free will… Instead of working for humans alone, the ancient shamans had it right. The “us”, we are meant to work for the betterment of, is our world, everything in it, even the supposedly non-living elements. Some of the geo-engineering projects people have been supporting are really unwise. We are meant to create symbiotically, synergistic, in that there would be wisdom. Is this sounding too strange or far fetched yet?

Which doesn’t mean we have to be Luddites either. Technology by itself is not an evil. It’s the thinking projected onto it, the psychomorphic overlay, that brings problems. The genetic engineering we are doing. It seems to me that humanity is possessed of the intelligence it has because we are meant to be able to borrow from any, and perhaps all, of the processes of nature to help support, nurture and grow the world, preserving the prosperity of all beings, and well, viruses rewrite DNA.

At this point, due to the environmental damage we have already done, we will likely have to use genetic engineering to heal it. Replace missing and vital species for example, like say bees, or bats, and as for the rest of our technology, we were operating in a way that assumed our world was passive, an asset, an object. Perhaps maybe not even alive, so we set up a pattern of take, build, consume, throw away, then take more. This was hubris and is not how nature uses resources at all. But with our new understanding, we are gaining the ability to imitate nature more and more. They have already designed an artificial leaf that can more or less photosynthesize, and with our growing understanding of nanotechnology, we will perhaps be able not only to recycle our waste and stop raping the earth, but produce self renewing technology as well, self repairing home building materials, things like that. What do you think friends?

I can see how it could be done elegantly. Would you be willing to live in a tree? One that lives and grows in the shape of a house?

Depends on whether the tree would want me. Well, trees are much more open and magnanimous than humans. They do deserve to be considered our elders.

They like having the other species. Like having, and with some of those relationships, even need the other species. Even right now without such a wonder in place yet, in places in the tropical rainforests, recently cut lumber will potentially continue to grow. They actually have to prune it. So we would just be allowing that to happen deliberately, and perhaps without the cutting.

Perhaps I have wandered too far. Have I been speaking to the relationship between the human mind and the world?

To work, the tree would have to thrive. If the tree didn’t like it, it would just die. No twisted nature for it the way humans would.┬áHumanity acts as a collective entity, but that entity has it’s nose plugged, it’s eyes masked and it’s hearing muffled in the name of asserting human dominance, which is assumed to be necessary to allow human autonomy. But this human collective entity, in its isolation, is beginning to behave like a person in a straight jacket and isolated in a padded cell.

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.” — Thoreau

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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