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Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

World Dream in Green Magick

Green Magick

How do we know we are alive? How do we know we are awake? Would you say there is a difference between feeling alive and feeling awake? For a moment consider that. Does being alive feel the same as being awake?

It does, yes. So you don’t feel alive while dreaming?

I feel a bit detached from myself while dreaming. I offer that we feel awake when something stimulates us. It can also be said that we feel awake when something disturbs us. How do we feel when nothing disturbs us?

At rest and/or bored. Do you ever notice a sense of motion when you are not moving? Why do our minds never stop moving? Chemistry, physics, one energy touching off more reactions, all moving entirely on their own. When it’s all in order, what is there that would force us to be aware, to be awake?

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Change? Sudden change, chaos. Gradual change goes unnoticed does it not? Usually, yes. Did you actively notice yourself getting older?

Green magick is the dreamtime. Our world moves with its own consciousness, or rather unconsciousness. We all share in it. Your dreaming would happen even if you never learned anything, were knowingly aware of anything. Even the simplest animals dream. They say we dream to allow our brains and nervous systems to process chemical and structural changes, let new connections settle into place, things like that.

We dream like a plant thinks, not with intentions, not with actively directed attention. When we dream our brains even enter an electrical state more or less in synch with the electrical field around our planet, the Schumann resonances. Everything acting like one body when at rest. The red only kicks in when we wake. Only then do they hunt. Only then is there shedding of blood. We sleep because endless chaos would exhaust life on this planet. We sleep to maintain the balance / rule of life. Life and growth are the rule, not the exception.

Everything sleeps, doesn’t it? Indeed. The earth sleeps constantly. We need it to, or the piezoelectrical activity would make our world uninhabitable. This dream is the foundation on which all consciousness rests. No dreaming, no intelligible thought, no intelligible sensation even. Science is discovering that sleep disturbance seems to play a key role in mental illness as a whole, especially sleep deprivation.

That must be why we start hallucinating when severely sleep deprived? We’re trying to fix ourselves? Yes, in a sense. Hallucination is actually quite common, and research shows that it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with mental illness. People with sensory issues can develop chronic hallucinations. What makes them different from the mentally ill is that they know the hallucinations are nothing to be afraid of or even react to. Their grasp of waking reality doesn’t alter from experiencing the hallucinations.

Or that they have reasonable causes. Well, I offer an alternative explanation of hallucination, especially considering how common it is. We think of it as the nonsense, non-real by-product of a fatigued mind, but what if the strange things seen in hallucination are the very real although vegetative constructs of the world mind? Perhaps the apparent distortion of things like size comes from the fact that from the point of view of a lizard, the object is that size? Maybe the shape looks funny, because the point of view of a bird throws off the visual perspective?

So when we lack sleep we plug into the world mind even when we are awake? Exactly. It’s not good to do it that way of course, because the world dream requires our full attention and participation, but where else would such artifacts come from? Really random trash? Could we participate in the world dream without synchronizing our energies with it?

It would be a fuzzy connection. Looked at from perhaps a more scientific point of view, we have instincts and memories in our genome that are throwbacks to earlier stages of evolution, but if all it is is genetic memory, doesn’t it seem oddly contiguous and active? Too busy to be static recollection I think. Our memory of phone numbers or our ‘to do’ list doesn’t behave that way does it?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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