'Green Magick' Chapter

Green Magick

Green magick is the dreamtime. The red only kicks in when we wake. Only then do they hunt. Only then is there shedding of blood. We sleep because endless chaos would exhaust life on this planet. We sleep to maintain the balance / rule of life. Life and growth are the rule, not the exception.

An act of green magick takes the most primal aspects of the world around us and our experience, and brings them together to seed a new growth. As the dream you create takes shape, it grows until it emerges in reality.

“My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.” H. Fred Ale

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What is Life?

Today, we are talking about green magick. As you may have begun to deduce from previous classes, the magickal forces being described exist in an intimate interrelationship with each other. Where red magick is the life force when impassioned, conflict… Seek More

World Dream

How do we know we are alive? How do we know we are awake? Would you say there is a difference between feeling alive and feeling awake? For a moment consider that. Does being alive feel the same as being… Seek More

Dreaming Through Us

Now let’s look at sexual attraction. If it’s just lust, what makes us stay? To nurture the possible off-spring? If it’s just biology, what makes us not only want to rear our young but live around other people while they… Seek More

Green Magic Dreaming

Notice people with green thumbs all seem to have something in common? An element of calmness? Ever met or seen an anxious or frantic person who could nurture plants well? Plants grow for me like crazy, but I’m not sure… Seek More

Seed a New Growth

So shall we discuss the practice of green magick? All green magick is primitive, not meaning it’s dull or unsophisticated, but it is elemental. An act of green magick takes the most primal aspects of the world around us and… Seek More

Clear as a Dream

So yes, basic elements of green magick… They don’t use complex chants or symbolism, math or astrological correspondences beyond knowing the state the moon is in. The vocal component tends to be more like animal sounds, or a child’s babble.… Seek More