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Not having what you want won’t make you saintly. If you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, you might as well go ahead.

Clear as a Dream in Green Magick

Green Magick

So yes, basic elements of green magick… They don’t use complex chants or symbolism, math or astrological correspondences beyond knowing the state the moon is in. The vocal component tends to be more like animal sounds, or a child’s babble. Ever hear a shaman during ritual?

Native American? Any actually, but to most that’s often readily at hand.

Yes. It’s more like sounds than words. Even the prayers are short and simple and don’t really take the form of prayers as organized religion thinks of it. The music involved tends to be elemental also, simple rhythms, only select instruments, rattle, drum, nothing like a guitar or piano.

I think of “Silent Night, Holy Night.” That song wouldn’t be green magick, that would be blue and dreaming. Rhyming is ok as long as you don’t encumber it with a complex rhyme scheme just like children with their little sing song phrases maybe.

As the dream you create takes shape, it grows until it emerges in reality. I suspect this happens readily, but people don’t often notice it, and pure green magick as a style might not suit you. Totally understandable. Like flowers, green magick can be drawn from to cross pollinate into another system, like making sure to keep your feet on the ground while reaching for the clouds. So any use of it has the potential to be fruitful.

You can tell a green magick working has taken off when you notice it occupies space in your head like the earlier comments about behaving obsessively but without the anxiety.

Like being in love. Yes.

Like feeling “moved”? Exactly. Just like when a relationship becomes so fundamental that it wouldn’t seem natural to be without it, the working comes to live in your head as if it were part of your mind like the shrub in your yard.

I recall that some artists and writers produce their work because they “have to.” Exactly. That’s the force of green magick with an open flow. It’s life energy really. As for what you can do with it, would you say that most of our problems seem to call for some sort of healing? What heals things?

Growth. Art therapy, bonding or reconnecting with friends and loved ones. These sound like anything?

Promoting the natural order of things or allowing it. Yes. Dropping unnatural self-destructive habits, returning to the dreaming rhythm, the hearts rhythm.

Or getting out of its way. Yes, sometimes green magick is just the best way to clear your head. Get out of your own way.

Does that make the issue of use clear? Practices clear? As clear as a dream perhaps, but that’s all that is needed. Those can stick in your head for a lifetime.

The simplicity of it is attractive. Feels vibrant, no?

Yes, it does, but also there is a quietude. Indeed. You can find peace and solace in it also. It may be the first time you ever found it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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