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Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

Seed a New Growth in Green Magick

Green Magick

So shall we discuss the practice of green magick?

All green magick is primitive, not meaning it’s dull or unsophisticated, but it is elemental. An act of green magick takes the most primal aspects of the world around us and our experience, and brings them together to create a new thing, or rather to seed a new growth. It defies the mechanistic rules or structure. Children often have a natural affinity for it, even if unstructured and aimless.

Do your dream images ever seem to be complete?

Never! There is a reason. Rather like a young child’s drawings in a way, no?

That would be a good description of my dreams, yes. The world dream is like that. Elements and elementals, and when you would seek to work your will in the realm of the green you have to go with its own flow, painting with mud, building with sticks. The lines and flow produces when we use crude materials. Well, ever notice things in your dreams seem to have a rough complex structure to them? And seem to include odd bits and inclusions like some bit of fluff stuck on a twig? Perhaps a stray leaf?

To communicate your intention to the dream requires speaking its language. You have to drop your waking world normal sensibilities and preferences. Your dreaming self cares little about these things and the same is true of the world dream. So you gather only the most basic elements expressing the spirit or essence of your intention, materials, colors, sounds, and you bring them together in a childlike let’s pretend scenario.

This doesn’t mean you have to go rummaging through the mud and brush, but you can if you are so inspired. What you have to do is turn your attention back to that level, return to that awareness and enact what you would intend to see happen to come forth from the dream. The world dream has only one rule, can you guess what that is?

Growth. Take an animal, make it as neat, clean and orderly as possible, what would happen?

It won’t last long. Yes. It would wind up dead. This is why you want your green magick work to reflect that primitive spirit I described. Otherwise the idea will be die rather than grow.

Messy. Yes. As many associations as possible, give your “web” as many anchor points as possible, and don’t try to dictate what form the things you are working with take. They will take their own form and behave in their own way. That’s where the power and potential come from. Green magick is perhaps not for the impatient, but can you intuit what the results of green magick, say, versus red magick would be like?

Like tending to plants. Growth and patience? Once a plant really takes off its persistence can be really something, yes? How well does fire last?

Ah, green magic lasts longer than red magic. It does, yes. If you would want to make a lasting change it would be better to go green than many of the others. We are even doing it in our technology now. Shame it’s so late, but better late than never.

People who have a lot of partners, but none that last, are likely using red and not green? Exactly. They inflame some lust and then eat ash after. They can in time use ash to foster growth, but a whole field of ash will remain barren. Red and green magick can work hand in hand, but most people don’t balance them very well. Either the green takes off and limits the conditions of reds flame, or the red takes off and leaves the budding relationships in ruin.

Christmas is red and green. Yes and tends to leave people with burn out though sometimes it does seed future good will, emotional strength. It does have that potential even if it isn’t often nurtured well.

It does have an interesting mix of energies, frantic and peaceful. Not one spirit, but a family of spirits. A dream within a dream during the season of long nights. Coincidence?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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