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What is Life? in Green Magick

Green Magick

Today, we are talking about green magick.

As you may have begun to deduce from previous classes, the magickal forces being described exist in an intimate interrelationship with each other. Where red magick is the life force when impassioned, conflict and lust and such, green magick is the life force when calm, the steady rhythm of life and the peaceful cooperation between living things. To truly understand green magick you have to look at what life itself is. So I will ask, what is life?

An assemblage of energies in a body that has metabolism. Which is itself a process of energy conversion and exchange.

A force that grows and reproduces and constructs complex organisms. The opposite of entropy? Well, if you look at just growth, a good many things grow that we do not think of as alive. Isn’t that strange?

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Crystals, stalagmites. Living things construct formations of matter that we do not consider alive either. Even elemental forces do this.

I’m thinking everything is life? The foundation of life is earth. The complex minerals and chemicals that left to themselves don’t seem like they can birth life, but in fact they do. So what would we call something that life comes from?

Fertile ground? Mother? Mothers are living things, yes? That may change in the future as our science progresses which will make the line I’m describing even more fuzzy, no?

Fuzzy mothers? They are innately fuzzy, or scaly, sometimes bark skinned, but in that case it’s a father mother.

Doesn’t life come from life? Can it emerge any other way? Arguably, even if we do start growing human beings in vats, the materials to make those vats would come from the same source that life as we know it now did.

Besides the earth, an atmosphere was needed of sorts. The pooling of water on our planet is said by science to have been absolutely necessary for the formation of DNA. Water is great for allowing chemical reactions, vital even.

Are we ourselves mostly minerals? We are mostly water, rather similar to the waters found in our seas. Now how much chemical reaction do you get in a freezer?

Other than water turning to ice, much less. Much less, almost none, even waters change of state is more a shift in physics than chemical composition. So we needed heat, fire, but the fire of our sun and of our planet deep below.

Remember I said that red magick is more or less the fire of progress? Green would be the water of vitality, and both are needed for consciousness. On our planet life could have survived in the sea alone, but thanks to that fire I spoke of, our planet developed an atmosphere. This moved a great many things. Even viruses can be airborne. So between the red magick of life’s initial spark and the cycles of greens magick’s essence, we have the potential for evolution. Granted heterosexual reproduction takes two parts, but where does the actual growth take place?

Random mutations resulting in survival of the most adaptive? Even those can’t arise without the necessary conditions. The foundation of evolution is cooperation, rest, not conflict. If the parent species can’t survive for a while there can be no new mutations occurring.

We seem to assume a life force, something that propels the progress. Well, perhaps I will be able to explain that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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