If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Imprint of Our Psyche in Psychic Morphism

Psychic Morphism

Today’s topic is psychic morphism, also related to the concept of psychomorphism, which is the tendency to ascribe human-like thinking to animals and objects, like when we joke that some household appliance is out to get us, and things like that.

Evil coffee maker. Yes, I have a cease fire with the coffee maker. I avoid any complicated brewing and it doesn’t burn me or damage property. So far so good.

Psychic morphism is a fundamental part of human experience. Our entire presence in nature bears the imprint of our psyche as a species. When you look at any human community, you aren’t seeing something that is as simple as an objective necessity, you are instead seeing the human mind as it stands today. It’s state of being. Whenever we devise a new tool or method of testing anything, the actual technology or process reflects human mentality more than it does the objective physical need or subject of examination.

Some mainstream scientists try to “disprove” the observer effect, saying that no consciousness is necessary, just the instrument of “observation.” I feel this is dishonest really, because the technology used to allow a record of the experiment, itself conforms to the needs of the human mind in order to be both utilized and have its readings understood. What do you think?

Our perspective slants everything we observe.

Sounds a bit tautological. Which element of it? Well, the instruments are reflections of us…like appositives in grammar. Oh, I see.

We elected him mayor, for example. Him = mayor. So this disavowal results from tautological reasoning?

Well, I don’t really know, but it just feels something like tautology. I agree, in order to create the system they expect to be able to examine in the physical environment, they partition their thinking in unnatural ways. This causes some serious discontinuity, and ultimately the goal of any scientific effort is to uncover an understanding of anything that explains our everyday experience, that can make sense to the man on the street. So yes, at this point they are even beginning to scrap a great many assumptions about educational method and the learning process, because as clear and orderly as they might have been, they failed to account for the shape or “morphometry” of the natural human process of perception and cognition.

Psychic morphism is really what drives us to change our environment, and our society in general. We are taught to conform to the system we are indoctrinated in, but we instinctively try to make it conform to us, and all those who earn high esteem in our society are known for having done so in one way or another. The greatest artists, writers, scientific minds, as well as military generals and political leaders. It could even be said to have occurred on the religious/spiritual scene, things like the enlightenment of the Buddha might be one example. What do you think?

I can see that, yes. They are typically leaders, however reluctant that may be for that role.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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