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Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

Force of Meaning in Dualism


For example, “forgiving” always means something you do with yourself, not with someone you think has offended you. You don’t tell your upset stomach to go fornicate with itself do you?

Well, not in my “good mind”, no. It serves about the same purpose when you react that way to anything or anyone else. Really, it is just as effective in that it’s not at all effective. If anything, your irritation just inflames more of the diseases that irritated you in the first place.

Can you do this at will? Certainly. The same as you decide whether to touch or not touch the hot stove, it’s an internal shift, but not of thought. You don’t literally script out the decision not to touch the hot stove do you? It’s just a transition of attention.

Well, no, but things you are obsessed with maybe, or addicted to, maybe a script is needed. Obsession is just a mind cramp, and just as your leg cramp doesn’t cripple your arms, your mind cramp doesn’t cripple the rest of your awareness. It’s with the other unlocked parts of the awareness (that perhaps many people never find) that things like obsessions can be released, relieved. Never in the same confined space as spawned the obsession.

Normal patterns of attention are just spaces like the hollow space in your mouth. We numb ourselves to the sense of the rest of our mental bodies, the full range of where our attention can go. The dominant strategy for that? It’s a very popular phrase. “It’s just your imagination.” You have no imagination. You have only perception. The next step in collapsing that superposition, also known as an association, is you have no perception. You have only sensation / feeling.

I don’t mean to be glib/flip, but you’re saying the “problem” must be solved in a different state of mind than “the problem” was encountered as a “problem”? You aren’t being glib. That is exactly what I am saying with the added element that it must be done with feeling. You have do do it like you mean it. Meaning doesn’t come later. It doesn’t come after you die. Without meaning you are dead now. Your mind is dead. The mind is moved by meaning or not at all. Those vague yearnings can grow to profound realizations, but not with one dimensional thinking, not in a system of linear attention.

I recall Logotherapy. Meaning, Viktor Frankl? He made a good start, so did Maslow, but they stopped short. Maybe professional requirements forced them, I don’t know.

Life has meaning under all circumstances, even the most miserable ones. Indeed.

We have freedom to find meaning in what we do, and what we experience, or at least in the stand we take when faced with a situation of unchangeable suffering.

Living human bodies have blood under all circumstances. Living human minds have meaning under all circumstances. Attention is the same as attitude is the same as physical posture. They have even proved in labs that something as simple as making you adopt some small change in posture, for no reason, will change your attitude. It will even change the effectiveness of your attention, making you more likely to notice some things and less likely to notice others.

Smiling actually makes you happier. Sitting up straight helps you focus.

Yes! And even consciously changing your penmanship can change your personality — or, at least, your attitudes toward things.

It’s all one system, all one being. Breathing interrupts crying, even the sense of the need to cry.

Life has meaning when you mean it? You’re exactly right. Life has motion when you mean it.

If I need to cry, I cry. Crying is a pattern of motion. Everything is a pattern of motion, a pattern of connection, and it is all spurred on by the force of meaning.

I find a way to enable me to cry. You merely find a way to move yourself my friend. In this case to tears, and the liberated energy feeds the wholeness of your full mind.

Have I explained the unity of experience adequately for now? And how to make practical use of it?

So this statement will have new meaning, I think. I mean you well my friends. I mean you freedom of mind and heart and attention. I mean to join you in moments and in memories, and I see the meaning in you. I welcome it in me.

Till next time, be well and mean it when you do.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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