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Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

Rest from your Struggle in Dualism


So we need a counter. We need our own power back, no?

Yes! The skeleton of the mind, it’s own authentic code, is in attention. We think of our attention as something to be allocated, that we have to distribute or localize, concentrate or diffuse with sleep or drugs. Any effort to do so is an effort at personal amputation. It’s the equivalent of trying to rip your own brain out and still live.

You don’t have a mobile attention. Your attention is singular and structured. Your attention takes its structure from what you might consider internal forces, but these are no more complicated or beyond our power to control than the motive power that moves our muscles. These inner forces tend to emerge in conventional thinking in a distorted form, as absolutes or ideals, essences, the things we believe things essentially are.

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Meaning. This is the blood flow of the mind body. It’s distorted because the paths the energy would normally follow are blocked. By blocked I mean constricted, restricted like a morbidly obese persons arteries.

Is this a critique against all deductive thinking? By that, I mean all top-down thought? No. Deductive thinking is valuable and valid if performed in its proper context. The end points of the energy flow are meant to be multi-faceted like the branches of our neurons. The platonic form expressed in anything other than a full multi-dimensional or multiplexed mode, becomes a distortion, a toxin, mental noise, and our science right now insists on taking everything out of context.

Truth. They love that word, but restrict that passion, that expression of vital energy, and rarely break out of their repetitive thoughts. Is this unfair to say?

And yet, we seem “set up” for that through parenting. Don’t to this. Don’t do that! Etc. They think it preserves clarity for them. It actually sacrifices it at every turn. This is why they seem so blind and bumbling and discover so much by accident. Other ideals, freedom, it again gets restricted, narrowed down to a list of restrictions rather than the deep and profound understanding of human nature it could be and the inspiration for that. We just keep churning out more lists of rules to solve problems that never get solved, just redefined ad naauseum.

Perhaps it’s epigenetically conditioned that we do that. Churn out more rules, I mean. Well, I think you are right. This is why I am mentioning the body mind, or mental being. We can stop cutting off the circulation to our legs and actually walk to our professed destinations. This is all possible through understanding, and understanding does not come about from definition, defenestration really. We throw the infant soul out with the bath water all in the name of truth and progress.

Neo, there is no spoon. It’s only you who bends. You never learn anything. You experience new sensations, new growth. You deduce nothing. You express everything. This is a bit vague, perhaps…

Eliminating the “windows” of perception. Are you suggesting that we should do that? At least eliminate the ones that narrow our focus? You have it exactly. The only illusion is the window, the box. Nature starts the infant thinking outside of the box. The box is the diseased meme that threatens the health of its host. Think in paths, think in fingers and toes and vessels, think in flows. What to think about? Do you need boxes to have objects to think about? I offer that you do not need objects.

Everything you perceive can and does take up the same space in your brain as your hands and feet do. Just as you sense when your foot is done harm by a stone in your shoe, you can sense changes in your environment. You can “empathize” with everything. Just as you experience personal growth as your feelings about life become more refined, more evolved, you can experience personal growth as the world itself changes around you. You can rest from your struggle to define yourself against yourself, turn yourself against yourself labouring under the delusion that you are reacting to anything other than yourself, and instead adapt, even guide the circumstance according to the dictates of your genuine life force, your life feeling.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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