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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Origin of Duality in Dualism


Back to the dual slit experiment… This happens in your brain. This is why your nervous system shows such symmetry. One single system, multiple dimensions of behaviour. The entire nervous system exists for one purpose, to articulate the process of behaviour we call intelligence. They have even confirmed this behaviour in your brain. The old right brain / left brain distinction has been debunked as I knew it would.

Intelligence = the capacity to articulate behaviour? Actually no, good question and important distinction. Intelligence is articulated behaviour, but it is not the same as the capacity for it. The intelligence process occurs in a space not defined by the content of intelligence itself. If intelligence had to work in a self described space, it would cease to exist. Because it presents emergent form only through patterns of interruption, self existent intelligence would fall off it’s own map, but yes, the right brain / left brain model has been largely debunked.

Sort of sounds like the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

What they found to be true instead? Your right brain does deal in particulars, item by item recognition, and unembellished experience, both of the world and the self, and the left brain deals in generalities, over arching assumptions and theorizing. Right brain = particle. Left brain = wave. Right brain = matter. Left brain = thought. Your brain is constantly performing the dual slit experiment. That’s its job.

Good! But isn’t that a duality? Yes. This is the origin of duality, and nether function is the truth, neither experience is the self. They are functional, virtually true, but taken as the absolute truth they lead to mind death, all the while leaving your brain perfectly functional.

Anything taken as absolutely literal leads to mind death or is the very definition of mind-death. Literal, lettered, defined, deliminated. Take your perception of a cookie. You see no cookies ever, you are the cookie. Take your perception of you, you have never wanted the cookie. The perception of the cookie, and the desire of the cookie, are sensations in the same organ, two lines on the same palm. You have moved the cookie perception and the cookie desire together before, and you have moved them apart again. You have had points where there was little energy in cookie desire, but plenty of free energy in cookie perception, but the energy of the cookie and the energy of your desire of the cookie are flowing through the same being. No difference between light and your neuroelectric signals. This sounds silly right? Obvious maybe? What do you think?

Where it gets meaningful is in the computation process, the actual process of digestion or evolution in information. Calculation, the calculation, the information processing, doesn’t occur in your thoughts or feelings about cookies. This is why they haven’t hashed out a predictive algorithm that can track everything you as an individual will ever think, not one that works well, and they certainly are trying. They are looking for the calculation to take place in the brain, but the calculation, the communication, is expressed in the laws of nature itself. Physics, if you prefer. The energy is also not found in the cookie, otherwise they would find a single mind controlling compound and script every brain in whatever way they want.

So, this process I am speaking of, that occurs neither in your brain, nor in the objects of observation, might seem inaccessible, no?

It’s not inaccessible, and in fact it is what drives things like neuroplasticity and even stranger things. They have been able to confirm in the lab that a single emotionally charged word or phrase can and does switch not only your neural signalling, but can and does also either switch on or off various functional genes, changing your biochemistry right down to the epigenetic level at least. In the long run, epigenetic shifts get picked up and translated to new genes, copied as if the switch was the original code. Mind over matter?

So you can play with someone’s DNA just by talking to them?

Sounds like magick.

Maybe the Old Testament folks intuited this when they said the sins of the fathers are passed down to the sons unto the 7th generation.

That makes media seem so much more powerful.

Many such examples from our ancestors, yes, and it is potentially very powerful.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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