'Dualism' Chapter


Your right brain does deal in particulars, item by item recognition, and unembellished experience, both of the world and the self, and the left brain deals in generalities, over arching assumptions and theorizing. Right brain = particle. Left brain = wave. Right brain = matter. Left brain = thought. Your brain is constantly performing the dual slit experiment. That’s its job.

This is the origin of duality, and nether function is the truth, neither experience is the self. They are functional, virtually true, but taken as the absolute truth they lead to mind death, all the while leaving your brain perfectly functional.

“Heart knows neither duality nor the limitations of space and time.” Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Indian Spiritual leader, b.1926)

Thought and Environment

Today, we are talking about dualism, specifically the conceptual separation between mind and matter. Paradox is in itself a duality, considered paradoxical because of the single truth that unifies the apparent opposites. How many people pride themselves in being a… Seek More

All Thought is Connective

So all thought is connective… Let’s experiment. Think of something, just a single thing, and compare it to nothing else. Think of it alone, remove the idea from any context, just focus on the single idea. Let me know when… Seek More

Quantum Cheshire Cat

Everyone familiar with the dual slot experiment? Tested one way, light behaves like particles moving in straight lines having a clear path and impact point. Tested another way, light behaves like waves showing every sign of being widely spread out… Seek More

Posture of Your Mind

I offer that we have little basis for genuine self awareness. We are barely sentient creatures. Dolphins may in fact be more self aware than we are, perhaps other species as well. We zip between thought and sensation running back… Seek More

Origin of Duality

Back to the dual slit experiment… This happens in your brain. This is why your nervous system shows such symmetry. One single system, multiple dimensions of behaviour. The entire nervous system exists for one purpose, to articulate the process of… Seek More

Rest from your Struggle

So we need a counter. We need our own power back, no? Yes! The skeleton of the mind, it’s own authentic code, is in attention. We think of our attention as something to be allocated, that we have to distribute or… Seek More

Force of Meaning

For example, “forgiving” always means something you do with yourself, not with someone you think has offended you. You don’t tell your upset stomach to go fornicate with itself do you? Well, not in my “good mind”, no. It serves… Seek More