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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Quantum Cheshire Cat in Dualism


Everyone familiar with the dual slot experiment? Tested one way, light behaves like particles moving in straight lines having a clear path and impact point. Tested another way, light behaves like waves showing every sign of being widely spread out and physically interacting with other waves, even waves not directly on the same path as they are. This interaction creates what they call interference patterns, long shady lines in an otherwise solid field of light.

The freaky thing is, light actually behaves differently when someone is observing it than when no one is. That will fry your logic circuits.

So, “reality” is in the observer? Reality is the observer.

There is a recent paradox that is fascinating scientists. They refer to it as the Quantum Cheshire Cat. Physical properties of say an atom, but theoretically anything, can be separated from the object itself. You could have the particle in one place, and the particles mass elsewhere, or spin somewhere else.

All that you perceive, all that you sense, is a quality of you. Your consciousness distributed all throughout your environment, and this Cheshire Cat effect has some phenomenon it may explain, like the strange behaviour of neutrons. But I agree with scientists, your brain cannot behave independently of physical laws which also means that physical laws cannot behave independently of your brain.

Is this another way or stating the Anthropic Principle, then? It is in a sense. I offer that the anthropic principle is a shallow observation of a deeper truth. If physical laws can behave independently of the behaviour of the brain, then all scientific observation is invalid, vague airy empty headed intuition at best. The same that they say metaphysics is. There can be no comprehension of physical laws so they have no basis in the brains function and existence.

Science is both invented by the brain and serves the brain… It betrays the brain, but it’s less of a traitor than previous psycho social models were, emotion based intuitions of the natural order.

Science also fools the brain until further science can be invented. Vicious circle there. Until the mind understands itself all science will remain an illusion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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