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All Thought is Connective in Dualism


So all thought is connective… Let’s experiment. Think of something, just a single thing, and compare it to nothing else. Think of it alone, remove the idea from any context, just focus on the single idea. Let me know when you do it.

What was your one idea?

The Cosmos taken all-in-all. Ah, that’s two, cosmos and scale.

How about the set of all sets? Also two.

Anyone have only a single thought? Can you think of socks and nothing else?

Chair leg which has chair and leg. I can’t think of socks without foot or floor.

Think of one item? Yes and only one item, no associations.

Even thoughts about the “self” seem to separate thought from thinker. The separation is an illusion.

No, I can not do it. I think of a rock and I see a beach. I think of glass and I see a rock.

Thought is innately connective, yet we entertain the idea that what’s going on in our minds is different than what our senses tell us, do we not? You cannot perceive anything outside of thought. Out of mind is out of sight, but out of sight is not necessarily out of mind. Odd no? Shouldn’t those two things be reciprocal? Truth is typically established by its verifiability, specifically its falsifiability, as far as the supposedly most concrete truth goes at least.

I can be staring at something while I’m thinking and not see what I’m staring at. Then you aren’t staring at it. By definition, staring is having your attention focused on something. Is this not so? Your eyes do certainly have multiple functional states, quiescent as well as active, so does your brain.

I often would get lost in thought when I was younger. One time while I was in a changing room, I was lost in thought, not realizing I was staring at my friend getting dressed. When I came to my senses, he was looking at me funny. It was awkward. I was of that habit as a young person also, sometimes still do, but learned to steer my field of vision away from people which they still sometimes think is strange.

When I do that at home, my dog barks at me. Doggy zen master.

All thought is connective, as are all sensations. They have confirmed this in laboratory experiments. You will fail to register sound and smell accurately, even touch, if you don’t look at what you are engaging with, or else be accustomed to not having the sense of sight play a part in your function.

Are you using the word “connective” to mean “unitary”? What is connected is one thing, not two? Exactly!

It’s easier to turn “off” vision than to turn off thought. Actually, it’s not possible to turn off thought, to turn off consciousness. It’s the basis of reality itself. It’s the supposed distinction that we get wrong.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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