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Quantum Magnetism in DNA


Everyone up on the discovery of quantum magnetism?

They have found that atoms themselves display magnetic behaviour. They didn’t think this was so. They are polarized and will sort themselves out until they settle into a more or less magnetically balanced pattern. They have even produced what they call a super fluid. It isn’t even a molecule. It behaves like fluid but at the particle level almost as if un-bonded particles still behave like macroscopic objects. The point of this will become clear later. Quantum magnetism.

There is an actual trend in science (and I mean hard science not the “new science” movement) that ventures the idea that consciousness itself may be the product of quantum magnetism, that the networks that seem to operate in our brains communicate not by simple electrochemical means but instead by patterns of entanglement modulated by magnetic interaction. What do you think of that?

Interesting point… It would seem they would still be left without the ability to distinguish the apparent order in a rock from the order displayed in our brains. They might be dead on about the so called mechanism, but if anything it would open the function of our brain up to our environment in an even more pervasive way, and well might explain why epigenetic processes seem now to have a stronger influence on our health and behaviour than even base genetic processes. Viruses would be like the big bounce that newer theory is saying may have given rise to our own universe.

I think this theory would move consciousness beyond the brain as well? Yes, indeed. In quantum loop gravity theory, our own universe is the product of interaction between itself and other universes. Outside forces lead to the big crunch, that then lead to our big bang, which would eventually lead to a big crunch again like the expansion and contraction of a heart chamber. Is this beginning to look more than a bit holographic?

Breathing of god. Is the outside force magnetism? Ultimately yes, but more specifically gravity.

Outside our universe? Influxes from black holes into our own universe. Black holes actually do radiate energy out into their environment, and may in fact (it’s even beginning to look likely) not have any form of matter at their centre. It might be instead like one of the receptor sites in our own cells, a really high energy and tightly curved knot of time space, one that would discharge energy and even matter elsewhere in the universe or even multiverse. That is what the receptors in our own cells do. They even admit or block new signals according to the specific size and shape of the molecule. They have even determined our sense of smell can be influenced by quantum differences in molecules. What do you think so far?

Sounds like everything influences everything else, one big thing.

They are finding that DNA is very sensitive to electromagnetic resonance. It behaves as what they call a fractal magnetic antenna, even reproducing the signals it resonates with and broadcasting those further.

This could explain the power of thoughts on our biology. Oh, they have already established in a very concrete manner that simple day to day thinking causes DNA damage, or damage as they think of it. This is normally quickly repaired so it’s not really a health threat.

Aging. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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