A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Your Fate is not Sealed in DNA

Dual Genetics

I’m only wondering how it gets sorted out – stronger and weaker, adaptation, etc. Ah ok, a part I missed. Thank you very much. I thought I was missing something.

Darwinian selection is superficial, shallow to the point of being of questionable use. A superior model is present in the concept of symbiogenesis. Remember I spoke of individual observers, individual agents, taking part in the collapse of super-positions? The information channel is two way. It’s not about one genome continuing and the other being eliminated. Duon function would even call that into question. In symbiogenesis, one organism changes not because of what was taken from it, but because of what was contributed to it. They have even modelled this in viral research. The perfect model of viral reproduction is not the death of the host. The most successful viruses change to contribute to the strength of the host. What causes failure is not selective pressure, but noise in the ecological channel, dissonance.

I remember Buddhism’s first Paramita: “Generosity.”

Adaption is observation, and what adaption emerges depends on what had the focus of the organisms attention. If the organism is infected with a virus, with both the side effect of an upset stomach and sharpened senses, and it focuses on the sharpened senses, it’s diet may change allowing the biochemical alterations that would promote symbiosis with the virus. Thus you have a new strain of the organism. I don’t know why they don’t model organisms that way, as strains, in addition to genus and species.

As waves? Waves would be perfect. I’m a 3rd wave human. I’m a 5th wave…

If the organism instead focuses on the upset stomach, they will stop eating, decrease their efforts to adjust, and start generating an immune reaction. Immune reaction = noise. Only then is an organism eliminated.

One more thing. Humans are not any more genetically complex than chimpanzees. Just genetic diversity doesn’t explain human nature at all. What they have identified are parts of code called human accelerated regions, key areas that, though we are not more complex than chimps say, are likely responsible for our differences. Our baselines genetics is really very simple. It’s these few heavily mutated regions that make us different, or so the theory goes.

What this all means is your state of mind matters more than the circumstances of your body and inheritance. Your behaviours and relationships matter more than any incidental impact something from your history might have. Your fate is not sealed, not even your cells are. You are free. You are you.

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