Your focus determines your reality. A rational focus creates a sterile world.

You Are Being Dissimulated in DNA

Dual Genetics

Shall I explain free will in this contraption of sensory input and biology? Well, remember I spoke of this not being the unfolded order? This world not being the outcome of physical processes but a baseline expression?

Yes, “enfolded” was your word. No. Enfolded was Bohms word. I reverse it. There is a dynamic going on in our world. It could be described as a pattern of tension. It’s a switch that shifts things through various phases, creates the apparent passage of time among other things. This dynamic presents itself as overlayed order, constructive interference. An example in physics is called conformance behaviour. A system with a stronger order will induce other systems to mimic it. Very ordered sound will force your body to mimic it. The same with radiation or anything else. Well, this web of conformance behaviour collapses into something like a singularity. Imagine all the energy behind observation, and I don’t mean consciousness, nothing philosophical like that. I mean the energy of anything that deliberately senses or measures anything else, eyes as well as microscopes, that is itself energy. They have even proven it can do work and are modelling machines based on it.

Intention? It could be called intention. It is certainly what our experience of intention occurs in, but these loci of observation interact with each other through a balance of super-positions. Each individual loci is set up to take things in more or less a single way, like a yes vote or no vote, up or down, but these states can change, on or off, conscious or unconscious. Their collective interaction is what determines the actual collapse of the superposition.

They are now carefully studying this pattern in the brain because you are never fully unconscious nor conscious, and in the way you are conscious, someone else may be unconscious. They have proven that our brains are hard-wired to interact, reflexively. So what you think of as your consciousness is shared, if only through memetic replication. Their on state may turn you off. Your on state may turn them off. Both of you may be on and a third person would serve as the codon off code.

I ponder “the collective.” Star Trek’s Borg? You aren’t being assimilated. It’s the reverse. You are being dissimulated. Our universe is a memory storage medium. Change has to happen here. The changes have to persist. That’s the only way the information remains conserved. Information = energy. Your free will is not in the objects of choice, it’s in the dynamic of choice. The process, not the product. Your attention, and how it shifts, matters absolutely, without exception. It is of absolute importance even to future generations as you will pass down the resulting genetic changes, your anxieties, fears, as well as strengths and enthusiasms. The reason it doesn’t seem of absolute importance is that absolute state is not exclusive. You have your own absolute importance for that very reason, the inclusivity. I don’t like the term unity. Nothing is being absorbed or absolved or dissolved. It’s more of a harmony. The whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

This “passing down” process (passing down of the process itself), does it have to be biological? Not exclusively biological. In fact, it certainly isn’t biological, it’s memetic also. But you may think you haven’t contributed to the biological exchange. That would also be mistaken. Your psychology is written into other peoples biology. Even some of your cells are likely riding about in other people unless you never shook anyone’s hand or given anyone a hug. They even suspect that they may be able to repair brain damage by having people inhale keyed stem cells. They will just migrate to the needed location. They have already succeeded with that in rats.

So yes, what you watch on TV matters. Your preference in music matters, your job matters, your diet matters. All of these things set up conditions that will change how the duons in your genetic code behave.

Your intentions matter. Yes indeed, intentions matter. Pretension does not matter, not in a constructive way. It actually has the opposite effect, but intention does very much matter. Most people I have met, who tell me their intentions do not matter, have displayed not intention and its effects, but pretense. Their attention was on an outcome. Their state of being remained fixed. You can change nothing and remain unchanged yourself. You can intend things without conscious awareness that you are. You can fail to intend things even though you are making a lot of noise in your head that seems like intention, but that would be a different topic all together.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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