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Metabolic Rhythms and Sensory Input in DNA

Dual Genetics

So duons… Our genetic code is read both vertically – by its output, and horizontally – by its signal sensitivity. Which means our genetics is more akin to a Celtic maze than a ladder which also means that the information cannot be accurately read in a static way. If protein output were enough, then yes, it would all just be chemistry, but the behaviour of any protein output channel is subject to change, even exclusion, which means the duons (or the vertical channel of DNA) are more important, ultimately, than the paint by the numbers protein signals. It’s the exchange of information between cells, the dynamic process of holistic state, that influences who and how we are more than the cranking biochem factory.

So what enters into these vertical channels that change genetic and cell behaviour, well… sensory stimuli. As they progress in examining the human brain and by extension the whole nervous system, they are finding more and more that there is very little that is static. Everything seems to revolve around rhythms. The brain seems to behave not like a pixel based pattern recognition system, but a time keeping rhythms recognition system. They have even confirmed that your brain time stamps memories. This means ultimately the waves rule (wave functions) and locality is more of a superficial trait.

So yes, sensory input changes metabolic rhythms. Changed metabolic rhythms in the brain and nervous system change those patterns in the other organs and generally govern how the entire body will behave. Thus your reflexive responses take priority in your brain despite the other noise it’s capable of making.

Now where things are getting confused is the understanding of sensory input. We have many more senses than they are acknowledging. The stomach takes in as much intelligence, and likely more, than the eye does, and our imaging systems seem to include a great deal more than even simple light impulses. It seems you are likely already echo locating. You just don’t isolate the signal well enough to use it intelligibly. They have also confirmed that not only does the brain time stamp memories, but it geo-tags them as well, and I think they underestimate the role of human magnetoception in that the more commonly accepted theory is that somehow the brain calculates how far you travelled and in what direction. I doubt it.

Geographic-location-tagging? Yes. In fact, the brain gives higher priority to location a memory occurred than the content of the memory itself. You may not remember having visited a place, but your brain will trigger an emotional response to it anyway and it will reflect your past experiences of that place.

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