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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Chain of Events and Non-Events in DNA

Dual Genetics

Perhaps a theory I am working on… I have been incubating this explanation for a long time, but it might serve today’s topic of Dual Genetics.

Everyone familiar with David Bohms implicate order model? He advanced the idea that our entire physical system is the projection of an enfolded system. That some key elements of the physical world, not unlike the newly discovered duons in human genetics, projected their behaviour out into our dimension. So that whatever happens in the implicate order would show up in our dimension of explicate order. Your atoms become destabilized even just in a single case, and something radical changes.

Example, the odds of a signal successfully traversing a neural synapse are actually quite strange, and from conventional figures even bad, but recently they discovered that there is a nano molecular switch that determines whether a signal channel is open or shut. It’s a magnesium atom. This particle from the magnesium atom is in superposition. It is both present and blocking the channel, and absent leaving the channel open for the signal to pass, at the same time.

Like a toggle switch? More like a dimmer switch. It’s state being part of a continuum, some little quantum jiggle and an idea can occur to you or not, and the naysayers speaking against the brain being a quantum system are looking more and more wrong. They have both created a stable quantum superposition at room temperature, which lasted many minutes (which is huge at that scale) as well as having observed quantum signalling in an organic substrate. So they haven’t been fully shot out of the water as far as the scientific community goes, but their ship is sinking quickly.

So my point is, let’s take that same synaptic channel, and blow it up to the level of our universe. I will take it in stages.

They remark that our universe is well modelled in a two dimensional equation, just as now our genetic code is or will be. That’s what the duons are about. Well, that synapse I mentioned is in a state of superposition, both blocked and not blocked. Because that synapse is blocked and not blocked, it both fires and changes that genetic behaviour of the neuron which is something they also discovered relatively recently. Thinking does cause genetic “damage” or at least that is how they are describing it now. So since that neuron both changed genetically and remained the same, every synapse it effected also both changed and remained static. Because that whole chain of events and non events happened, a whole pattern of macroscopic biological behaviour both happened and didn’t happen.

Let’s say you both had your lunch settle well and you puked. Follow so far?

I have the image, yes. Because of both the event and non event, your mood changed in a whole array of ways. The deviation of expressed energy increases exponentially, just like a nerve signal, well, more or less like. Because your behaviour ranged so far, everyone you had contact with shifted their behaviour as well as having their behaviour continue like normal. All of this emerging from one neuron in your body. Follow so far?

But this is not really “cause and effect,” is it? It’s more like simultaneous behaviours. I will go into that, but it is chained. So in that sense it is cause and effect. This whole vast web of chained events is you. It’s your personal being.

Back to the implicate order… According to Bohm our world is the outcome arising from a quantum physical substrate, and enfolded order in the gross physical objects around us, and by gross I mean large, overt or obvious.

What do you mean by enfolded? What he means by enfolded is that the system that governs our physics is embedded in our physical system though not identical to it, like the bass beneath the melody (my interpretation).

I wonder where “adaptation” comes into the picture. I will go into that.

This is not the explicate order we are living in, it’s the implicate, a simple encoding of the behaviour of a vastly more complex system. That’s why our universe behaves like a hologram. It seems two dimensional, our sense of causality is off, because the chain of events all occur layered on top of our own, like the sphere entering flatland. To the flatland native the sphere didn’t appear to be moving at all. Instead, it appeared to be doing the impossible, changing dimension.

It just appears as a circle changing size.

We are seeing the flatland version of bigger processes, which doesn’t mean our reality is artificial or even illusory. In my interpretation our reality is like that signal channel in the neural synapse, one of many, in a much larger system of information.

Did I connect it all together adequately?

So, more dimensions than 3? Indeed.

Well, speaking only for myself, I have images. Yes? I don’t really have “understandings” but I don’t feel that I’m really “up” or “ready” for those understandings, and the images are good enough for now. Ah, I see. They say we learn best through stories. It’s been proven actually, and the biggest part of the human brain, the one most instrumental in contributing structure to our stories, is the occipital lobe, the visual centre. When you can’t talk you can always gesture, emote. 🙂 Images are very important.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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