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We have a root too, my friend. The mandala of the soul has a center.

Yin and Yang of Duons in DNA

Dual Genetics

It was formerly believed that your DNA was your destiny. They thought of the DNA structure as being a fixed lattice of information which was more or less constantly churning out product and you more or less just had to deal with it, maybe compensate with diet changes or medications. It turns out those notions were at best a half truth.

Yes, the DNA system does code for protein production, but it does something else as well. The different genes are not constant in their function, and I am not just talking about epigenetic alteration. The genes themselves have sections that serve as switches, altering that genes behaviour or even suspending it, changing exactly what is produced in the cell according to a more complex pattern then they first thought.

For the longest time there was a debate about what makes us who we are, nature or nurture. That debate is no longer valid. Now with fields like epigenetics and their exploration of what amount to a whole other half of the human genome, we now know the answer is both. This complicates matters for them though, as it weakens genetic theories predictive value. Nothing is a closed system. Ultimately not even our most fundamental components of being.

Recently they have even discovered something that puts a bit of a hole in the anti-aging science naysayers argument. There is an endogenous substance that controls communication between a cells nuclei and the mitochondria. This slacks off as we age, but if it’s reintroduced, the mitochondrial activity picks back up.

Or maybe we “age” because it slacks off? They think it has a big part to do with it, yes, and specifically the mitochondrial behaviour. Mitochondria have their own genome, and as it changes it introduces product into the cytoplasms that then alters the rest of our DNA. Usually this isn’t a problem. It is even necessary, but should it get out of balance we risk serious illness.

So duons, the twin strands of our genetic chains, can be compared to yin and yang. The protein production process is not the be all and end all of our most fundamental life functions. Actually, they have found a significant amount of active DNA even in our cytoplasm itself. They venture that it may have a total influence greater than even the output of the nucleus itself. It has a big impact on how your cells interpret anything introduced into them before the input even has an impact on the nucleus at all, but that’s all the yang activity.

The yin side of things is that there is a cycle governing DNA activity. It doesn’t just take in material and churn out protein non-stop. The other side of the codons, that make up our collection of duons, receives information rather than producing output, and so things like meditation altering the expression of our genes makes even more sense than it first seemed to. Each region of your genome can and does influence other regions of your genome. They have even found that both your bones and skin behave almost like endocrine glands. The bones produce a protein that they themselves don’t even use. It’s a necessary component of nerve function. So if you change the behaviour of one of your organic systems, it could and likely does change the genetic behaviour and functional constitution of other organs in your body.

So, basically, everything is connected? Yes, no change in state is inconsequential.

Or everything influences everything else – in some way? Either directly or as part of a signalling stream, yes.

I have been reading genetic research papers pretty steadily for some time now. More and more they speak of genetics as if it’s like a form of information technology, like a nervous system of molecules.

But the DNA IS a code, no? It’s more than one, yes. It is information and some elements are highly conserved. To use their terms, the body goes out of it’s way to preserve the integrity of that phrase/phase of the genetic code. Others are not so tightly regulated. I guess a clearer explanation would be that the genetic code reads both vertically and horizontally, and the horizontal pathway can and does change the meaning of the vertical, like a chess board. What causes the horizontal signalling is state changes in the body, stress, positive or negative.

Yes, in two dimensions, it does, but maybe the code is 3D. Well, they were wrong about it being one dimensional if wave genetics is correct, and there are discoveries even in mainstream science that would support it like the photo repair effect, and the fact that physics wise it is a proven fact that DNA behaves like an electromagnetic antenna. So it is possible that our DNA is much more passive, at least the material portion of the code, than it is active or determinant of anything.

One example, they have established that a cats purr has the same impact on human beings as it does on the cats themselves. Our genetic code may just mirror the information our bodies receive from a variety of channels. The most obvious being cosmic radiation and electromagnetic signalling.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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