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Life seems to deal in a quantum way, in whole units.

Teach Them in DNA


If I am 95% activating my DNA and get together with someone who is only 75%, can it effect me if I allow my self to be pulled down? No. Greater order always overrides lesser order. More ordered systems have greater gravity so to speak, greater pull.

So only the emotions are effected or the level of my awareness or energy level. So why do we sometimes feel drained? I have noticed a tendency to implode among the awakened. They tend to get a bit disoriented in life. Perhaps because things aren’t exactly as they expected them to be. So it’s more like a sun going nova. In the effort to remain pure, they instead collapse, or less dramatically have a solar storm, a moment of temporary blindness before they return to clarity.

So don’t be afraid to wallow with the pigs? Yes. In fact, show them how. It’s the best way to transmute their reality. They believe things are different also. They don’t think they are lower or less truthful, but lower states are always less stable.

You may or may not get stronger, but you have to try to teach them because you love them? By teach them I mean explore their reality from your own point of view. They don’t have to learn anything if they are set against it, though it’s awfully hard for them not to, but you can’t do that if you stay above it. Energy only affects energy it touches, communicates with.

Yes, because they’re less stable, they hold on to the old. So sometimes with people who have trouble talking about what they feel, it’s better to just communicate energetically as that’s less fearful for them? Yes. You will naturally anyway. Your energy shows up in your body language, your tone of voice, even just the simple way you say ‘Hi.’ If you think they could respond to being drawn out then all that is necessary is longer contact. Familiarity brings ease to anyone and everyone, but that only happens over time. This is how Jane Goodall came to be able to move safely among the gorillas. She didn’t tame them. It was just long familiarity.

Yes, and can words confuse the energy receptivity? Words can complicate matters.

So don’t talk. Yes. I have seen people scare animals just by how much they talked to them. These people scare children also. What can’t be learned from words often can be learned from example and imitation.

It is an individual thing, some need talking, some cannot handle it. Exactly.

When I am in the storm I talk too much. I tend to talk too much also. A lot of life has to be handled based on the unique situation.

Maybe I take too much energy in and lose centre. Ah yes, keeping centre can be challenging.

I mean I absorb too much energy into my DNA? Yes, exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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