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Imagine is to choose one’s state of being, and luck is when this preparation meets one of the countless opportunities that arise in life.

DNA Sampling in DNA


Everything in our own region of the multiverse, our own specific multiverse, would be in the same bandwidth as our own universe just as most of what our cells deal with is in the same order of organization as our own DNA. Everything in our own section of multiverse, our own genome, will behave more or less the same as us and follow very similar laws of physics though still be able to display forms of matter and energy that don’t exactly correspond to our own.

So every organism’s parts are self-referential? Exactly, bingo. It’s one of the necessary scientific factors in defining life. If DNA can’t tell itself from a hole in the ground, it isn’t alive. But it can, and reacts to preserve its own integrity.

Just as our own DNA sometimes has to contend with things foreign to itself, our multiverse still has to contend with things foreign to itself. Things that find access points, receptor sites, these entities would be considered supernatural to us as in outside of our nature. We might not be able to identify an animal from a parallel earth. It would look rather much like what we would expect to see here. We would just say we discovered a new species and move on, but with these hypothetically viral entities, we could mistaken them for nothing like any of our own life forms. This shows up even to a lesser degree in the case of mutant examples of native species.

Yes, and it seems to suggest that other things besides cosmic rays might cause mutations. Perhaps morphic fields, for example. Yes, exactly.

Now you might ask, why would supernatural beings come here? Enter our universe at all? The same reason viruses do. They have even discovered some viruses, that support our health, have key features that do things like promote calm in us or enhance healing. These are naturally occurring viruses, but they are still very independent from our own DNA. Viruses cross pollinate species. They gene sample, and transfer that information when they infect other species.

So, instead of pollen, they carry information? Yes.

Do we have control over that, or choice? We have control over the information quality, the content that gets sampled, but not that it does get sampled, and it’s good that we can’t veto sampling. The results would be toxic. Our own DNA would decay much faster.

Do supernatural beings DNA sample? Supernatural beings do indeed. It’s why they seem interested in humanity at all. It’s not because of human thought. It’s because of human variability. We add to the randomizing range and quality of the omniverse itself. Randomizing seed code. We enhance freedom of choice for other beings.

But in the past our DNA strings were cut? They were sampled and even added to. They share with us as well as sharing in us.

Now it’s up to us to be full activated? That is a human byproduct, unforeseen outcome of the pre-existing behaviour of the human species. Humans were and still are viscous little beasties, pernicious and self absorbed. So yes, things got more complicated.

There won’t be an alien invasion. There doesn’t need to be any type of invasion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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