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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

DNA Multiverse in DNA


We have to go very much further down the wormhole…

As said earlier, DNA is a very large molecule. Every atom in the DNA strand being a universe and universes just being definable units of time space, they would have to complete a cycle of possible iterations. All possible universes would have to cancel each other out in the full cycle of things.

Full cycle? What do you mean? Basically, DNA has to complete its library. Every part of it has to be fully written out.

Disappear? Ah no, nothing ever disappears, but should it not complete its proper cycle, it will go viral.

I mean change into un-manifestation? No such thing really as un-manifestation. Everything manifests, it’s just a matter of where. Our energy is matter in the next space over. We think of other universes as detached from us. They are not. There is no dimension as we know them for any other universe to occur in. They all occur here.

You’re saying it has to be written in its universe and its paired universe for the complete cycle? Yes, the signal has to continue coherently and contiguously for the health of the greater being. What we imagine here is an event in the next atom over.

So is the multiverse like DNA? Yes. And DNA like the multiverse? Yes.

It gets complicated when you start looking at the geometry of it. Things look like they do to us because we have things folded along a specific set of axis points. Change the arrangement of those axis points, or add another, and the whole apparent universe would change completely.

I’m thinking illness might be lack of sync or communication error in not getting things right in the two paired universes? Dissonance. The construct in which the multiverse itself rests is an omniverse. The construct in which your DNA rests is a morphic field.

Your DNA moves against a time space wave that defines its tendency to exist. They call this a pilot wave, but these waves can become corrupted when the echo is bad. We reflect the world to ourselves. We echo it to ourselves, and this echo is an energy. We call this energy thought, emotion, perception, the observer effect.

We can corrupt the wave? We can corrupt the wave. We don’t in an absolute sense, or we would cease to exist completely.

To make a telephone call work they use echo cancellation devices. You’ve hit a perfect example. Your echo cancellation device is your brain. Your brain is not your mind. You do not think the way your brain tells you to. Instead, your brain behaves partially in accord with how you think. In the ways it seems to refuse to conform to your thoughts is when it’s serving its echo cancellation function. It has to cancel messages that threaten your living integrity. This is why the amygdala can still override your so called rational thought, and why we still survive despite the human fetish for thought, the unconscious.

But there’s the un-conscious too. No. That’s a popular notion and still held, but one that is being progressively dis-proven just as the notion that neurons are the seat of memory is being dis-proven. The glial cells around neurons are proving to play a big role in our memory, maybe even bigger than neurons. The glial cells being the rest of the stuff that makes up the brain.

You’re saying that with awareness there is no more unconscious stuff coming up? Actually, there are different domains of conscious stuff. In fact, according to the more common model of consciousness, the more commonly occurring model, I am barely conscious at best. My brain networks function all wrong, and the various regions of my brain don’t communicate adequately. But I offer that I am indeed still conscious, just differently. They are finding this to be true even of other animals, even octopi and things that are very far from what we think of as human.

Yes, when you only use one side of brain. I use both sides of my brain, but one does behave more like an appendix to the other.

Any specific parts of DNA or its behaviour that you would like to explore?

There is the nature vs nurture topic. How much, if any, is hard wired and beyond our control? More evidence is suggesting that nurture matters much more than nature. Information seems primary.

I continue to be amazed that the helix – actually, double helix – shape evolved. This seems almost magical to me. It has three formations that we have found so far. Only one of which has proven to be functional for our purposes. There is an ‘a’ formation, a ‘b’ formation which is our own, and a ‘z’ formation, all naturally occurring.

Z formation? The ‘z’ formation helix has an exactly opposite rotation to our own if I recall. It’s our helix rotated the opposite way, and they are even creating artificial patterns.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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