Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

Multiverse Authority in Dark Hermeticism

Dark Hermeticism

In Hermeticism, no single class of divine being is actually God. No single being is the one divine authority.

Now on the topic of demonic authority, recognition of demonic authority does not mean glorification of evil acts. One example would be the Yezidi people. They believe that the creator is fundamentally and absolutely good and will automatically accept them into heaven with the correct observances being undertaken. So they practice no rituals, nor do they offer any prayers to this God. They instead give their prayers to the Prince of the Earth. Also known by them as the Peacock Angel whom they believe to be an imperfect being and capable of anger and petty behaviour, but also the legitimate authority over the earth. So their religious practices amount to good citizenship behaviour.

To clarify. On the light side we have the puritans and the theologians. On the dark side are the demonologists and the demonolators? Correct, and the Yezidis are a broad example of demonolators, but demonolators are much more common than people today recognize. As to the Greeks there was a whole class of entities they called the Eudaemons which were patrons of humanity, sort of guardian angels.

Witchcraft works with demons. Demons perhaps in the oldest sense. In Greek understanding the daemonic realm was just the realm of nature, and daemons the powers of nature. The angelic powers were the spirits behind astrology. The heavens were considered above the earthly powers.

So we are talking about the inhabitants of the subatomic froth plane? Oh, exactly. That’s demons, where as the angelic entities would be multidimensional complex entities.

Reptilians are demons? Using the terminology yes, though no more profane than any other being.

What are the angels and reptiles? Non-terrestrials. Any class of life that has breached what we consider natural space falls into the non-terrestrial realm.

Are we related to them? We are indeed, though in one case only epigenetically. Some viral grafting has taken place between saurians and humans, but protosapien man was just an adaptive or evolutionary strategy. The outcome still remains to be seen.

Can we influence the outcome? We are, and will continue to do so. Just needing some intervention, and are receiving it though harsher than would have been originally necessary.

Who is intervening? No single authority. There is a multiversal community.

Within and without? Yes, both implicate and explicate intelligences. Minds both primarily psychic as well as incarnate.

Maybe we are their past, they are our future? That is true in a sense, but time is itself three dimensional. It has depth and phase variance.

I know what we do effects them because it all balances the equation, but are we that important to them or just a minor nuisance or hobby? Humanity is an implicate factor in their own progress. Our existence is enfolded in their own. We are like a bad case of stomach worms. But the fate of the universe is not dependant on any single species as you already intuit. If need be, it will all start over, but recycling is not as efficient as refinement. The strain has to be allowed to play itself out, at the very least, in order for high quality information to be obtained.

By whom? By the multiversal community. All consciousness is retained. Human species memory is just one sector of a much greater memory.

God is refining its own consciousness through our evolution? Exactly.

God experiencing creation? God experiencing creation is God achieving self awareness. God has a very broad self. Infinite for the purpose of our understanding. To add to the Hermetic topic, God is a nine, the daevic powers are eight’s, humanity is a seven.

Out of ten? Exactly. There are things less complex than humanity.

Ten is really zero in this system which is infinity? Exactly. There can be no single entity at the level of ten.

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Travis Saunders
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