I don’t put much stock and feelings in what you ‘should’ feel. According to those who say what I should feel, I should be a mass murderer, but I’m not.

The World is Persistent in Disaster

Tarot Tower Major Arcana

Today we are talking about disaster. What are you thoughts on disaster, friends?

To be avoided.

It is something I don’t like.

I think of the tower card, and rebirth afterward. That is the correct tarot symbolism for certain.

It feels out of control. I can try to prepare, but really I can not prevent a true disaster. It can feel inevitable.

I expect our view of it is somehow tied into our expectations.

I think it’s not a disaster if you can focus on solving the problem and make it happen. Some human effort actually is successful in controlling the impact of natural disasters.

Ok, shall we get to the mind bending stuff? The world is persistent because it is conscious. It is self aware in that it has information we consider to be formative and a memory of form. It seeks to preserve and perpetuate its own existence. In fact, recent research in the relevant physics leaves our scientists at a loss for why our galaxies and solar systems form at all. There are some weird dynamics they didn’t originally anticipate. So the worlds first disaster was the formation of the world. I need to define disaster though. Radical change, often creating a break in the apparent continuity of previous natural behaviour.

A moment of chaos? Yes. This brings us to the primary force behind disaster. Entropy. The process by which energy is lost to an individual system, limiting it’s ability to do work. Now entropy and consciousness run at cross purposes to each other. One seeks to create and adapt systems for the harnessing of energy and increasing the availability of energy to existence as we know it, this being consciousness. The second being the tendency of all energy to gravitate back toward its source, this being entropy, also known as chaos.

Consciousness is life? Consciousness is the principle of formative causation that gives rise to life. When one potential outcome actualizes from the entire spectra of potential forms, then that form replicates itself by the very nature of its existence. Impressing itself on all other forms that could arise. Perhaps more simply stated, define one thing and you define all things, and when the body of definitions reaches a certain mass, then you have complex origination, constructs like people and planets.

I’m reminded of the story of God creating man. It’s sort of like that, but without the agency versus object split.

No split between God and man? Exactly, or between God and potatoes. You are what you eat. Everything is a sacrament.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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