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A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Growth And Evolution in Disaster

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In the realm of human experience, there are a small set of axis that could be said to define all sense of human growth and evolution. The difference between growth and evolution perhaps needs to be explained.

Growth is the development of precursor conditions, like the refinement of your life experience as you have more life experiences of a similar nature. So growth can also be called progression, and we experience our lives to pass in a path of progression, do we not?

Evolution is the process by which additional factors become included in the progression of our life. Basically, all those events we consider metaphysical or spiritual. Acts of God, moments of faith, those things that broaden our sense of experience rather than advance it along. They are by definition not sequential, like your experiences with your inner child say, or your struggles with your dark side.

Hence it can be difficult at times to see progression or advancement in our evolution. Yes. Often those evolutionary forces seem to trip up our progression. Thus people commonly see the higher power or powers as almost tyrannical in its behaviour.

This is why spiritual teachers warn you not to get too hung up on progression. It is sound advice. The arrow of time is in fact a picket fence. Follow it too closely and you just wind up going in circles.

So growth is always getting better, whereas evolution may get better or worse, but is a change either way? Growth can actually be getting cancerous, and evolution can be the elimination of factors that would terminate your life despite the pain and seeming roadblocks. So the two work together in a very necessary way.

Sometimes the cancer needs surgery. Yes. Cancer surgery is a progressive force.

But the surgery kills you sometimes. Sometimes progression doesn’t go in what we think is a good way. Also true.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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