'Dark Hermeticism' Chapter

Dark Hermeticism

In Hermeticism, all powers or forces in the universe are manifestation of divine nature and thus divine will. Dark Hermeticism involves those aspects of nature that people consider darker or more scary. Every force we revere has its dark mirror. Calling one holy and the other profane is seen as an act of ignorance. An insult to the divine as it requires a denial of the absolute nature of the divine. To have something which can stand outside of the divine or stand against the divine is to ascribe weakness and flaw to the divine itself.

In the Dark Hermetic practices, the seeker makes a point of tapping into what we might today call vices. Some hermetic seekers gave primary attention to the dark forces as a way to arm themselves against their behaviour or influence in life, or to harness what they may have believed to be more potent sources of energy.

“He who hates vice hates men.” John Morley

Hermetic Natural Order

Hermeticism loosely defined is the study of the natural or divine order. They are seen as one and the same. Today’s topic involves those aspects of nature that people consider darker or more scary. In Hermeticism, all powers or forces… Seek More

Grander Order

The topic is Dark Hermeticism. I mean to deal with the dark powers or those things humanity considers dark, and discuss how they relate to the grander order in general. Every force we revere has its dark mirror, both physical… Seek More

Dark, Light And Actual

For the purpose of human focus… There are two realms, as we can observe two domains of behaviour in nature. Those that we see as supportive and those we see as malignant, and throughout human history there have been people… Seek More

Two Schools Of Hermeticism

The dark and light schools of the hermetic seeker do have modern counterparts, and the two schools also have two facets each. The seekers who gave emphasis to the forces of light were known as theurgists, and later as priests.… Seek More

Multiverse Authority

In Hermeticism, no single class of divine being is actually God. No single being is the one divine authority. Now on the topic of demonic authority, recognition of demonic authority does not mean glorification of evil acts. One example would… Seek More