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Grander Order in Dark Hermeticism

Dark Hermeticism

The topic is Dark Hermeticism. I mean to deal with the dark powers or those things humanity considers dark, and discuss how they relate to the grander order in general.

Every force we revere has its dark mirror, both physical and spiritual forces. In Hermeticism, there is seen to be no actual separation between physical and spiritual forces. Wisdom is a spiritual force, but to hermetic thinking it’s a physical force as well.

It’s all one thing. Yes. The old saying “as above, so below” is a paraphrasing of perhaps the primary hermetic principle. So just as there is the reality and thus the spirit of wisdom, there is likewise a spirit of ignorance. Just as their is a spirit of healing, there is likewise a spirit of disease. Both are considered to arise from the absolute at the same time and for the same reason.

Are the light and dark actual or is it just how we perceive them? The light and the dark are actual. The concept of good and evil as conventionally thought of is not substantiated, but the light and dark are observable behavioural patterns in existence. We do have night and day, birth and death.

Yin/yang? Yin and yang, exactly. But calling one holy and the other profane is seen as an act of ignorance. An insult to the divine as it requires a denial of the absolute nature of the divine. To have something which can stand outside of the divine, or stand against the divine, is to ascribe weakness and flaw to the divine itself.

What is there besides the divine? According to Hermeticism, nothing. The originating chaos is the pure undifferentiated spirit of the divine, and chaos remains the one immortal spirit in the entire multiverse.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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