'DNA' Chapter

Dual Genetics

If each of the particles in a DNA strand are just tight little knots of space time, if they are, then the bonds between the molecules form because of a process akin to what they are still calling singularity formation. Each DNA strand would be its own little multiverse.

If each atom is its own little universe, its own bubble of space time, then it has some dimension in time. It means it has a history, which would give it a direction of evolution.

“Our own genomes carry the story of evolution, written in DNA, the language of molecular genetics, and the narrative is unmistakable.” Kenneth R. Miller


What is life? Growth. I mean physically speaking. Many things grow, accrete. Something that reproduces itself? Ah, that is argued to be one defining aspect of life, yes. They acknowledge one more. Breath? Respiration occurs in simple chemical compounds, the… Seek More

DNA Strand

What is life made of? Patterns of energy. Yes, but for the sake of argument let’s say atoms, molecules, DNA. If each of the particles in a DNA strand are just tight little knots of space time (this is an… Seek More

Quantum Magnetism

Everyone up on the discovery of quantum magnetism? They have found that atoms themselves display magnetic behaviour. They didn’t think this was so. They are polarized and will sort themselves out until they settle into a more or less magnetically… Seek More

DNA Multiverse

We have to go very much further down the wormhole… As said earlier, DNA is a very large molecule. Every atom in the DNA strand being a universe and universes just being definable units of time space, they would have… Seek More

DNA Sampling

Everything in our own region of the multiverse, our own specific multiverse, would be in the same bandwidth as our own universe just as most of what our cells deal with is in the same order of organization as our… Seek More

Teach Them

If I am 95% activating my DNA and get together with someone who is only 75%, can it effect me if I allow my self to be pulled down? No. Greater order always overrides lesser order. More ordered systems have… Seek More

Yin and Yang of Duons

It was formerly believed that your DNA was your destiny. They thought of the DNA structure as being a fixed lattice of information which was more or less constantly churning out product and you more or less just had to… Seek More

Chain of Events and Non-Events

Perhaps a theory I am working on… I have been incubating this explanation for a long time, but it might serve today’s topic of Dual Genetics. Everyone familiar with David Bohms implicate order model? He advanced the idea that our… Seek More

Metabolic Rhythms and Sensory Input

So duons… Our genetic code is read both vertically – by its output, and horizontally – by its signal sensitivity. Which means our genetics is more akin to a Celtic maze than a ladder which also means that the information… Seek More

You Are Being Dissimulated

Shall I explain free will in this contraption of sensory input and biology? Well, remember I spoke of this not being the unfolded order? This world not being the outcome of physical processes but a baseline expression? Yes, “enfolded” was… Seek More