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Create Your Bibliomancy Book in Bibliomancy


You can easily create your own bibliomancy book. It would be best if you were in a clear meditative spiritual state.

Grab a piece of scratch paper, because you will need it and it won’t be the finished product, and free associate. Write whatever words come into your head. Don’t “think”, just let words flow.

Then grab whatever you want to make your book, and write any words that fit a theme, or form a sentence, into that book. This book can grow over time, and will be uniquely yours. It won’t make sense to other people. Doesn’t have to and is maybe best if they don’t read your book. It is for bibliomancy. Simple, no?

To practice, you pick up this book and read until a word strikes you. It doesn’t matter where you start reading. When the word strikes you, you focus on it. Then close and open the book again at random, and read until another word strikes you. You can get as many words as you need until you sense the answer to your question. It can be just one or it can be that a whole sentence or passage strikes you, and that in itself is your answer.

Poets used this just for poetry, stream of conscious thought. Those special writings are not for them or anyone else, but the way of making such writings could be for them.

I expect seeing someone’s book would allow an intuitive insight into that person? Yes. This is part of why people shouldn’t read your book, unless they already have a deep spiritual bond with you anyway.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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