You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Using Psionic Potential in Brains


How do we get control of our psionic potential, so we are the ones using it? We are like marionettes. It is quite simple, really. You have been told one big whopping lie, and you have to convince yourself it’s not the truth. The lie is… Ready for it?

The lie is “Your imagination is not real.” The businesses know how real your imagination is, so do the politicians, and they make sure they keep your head busy with whatever picture best serves them.

Is that a monkey trap we fall for? Yes.

We can consciously say our imagination is real and even believe it or think we do, but how do we really change our belief? Good question. Actually, an excellent question. Your imagination is real, but how do you make your imagination your own again? Well, we made a mistake early on. We distrusted the monkey. The imagination is real. You were sold the lie that it’s not, but yes, we distrusted the monkey. Monkeys live in a world that is all imagination, all feeling. They just don’t synthesize well, and we do.

When the monkey is startled, it never loses sight of the fact that the man is scary. Your monkey mind can interpret your imagination perfectly, but mostly you haven’t let it. Thus you don’t make choices about where your inner eye (which is the seat of your imagination) is focused. If you listened to your inner monkey, what would it tell you about Kool-aid? Would it want the Kool-aid?

Hmmm…. yes. Good.
I’m not sure. And yours may not. Our inner monkeys are individuals, each has different experience.

Focus our attention on what our monkey mind wants and imagination will become real? Our belief will shift? You have the process exactly. It is a hand off between the imagination and the monkey.

The monkey is heard by noticing our feeling? Yes, exactly.

Heart? Yes. There is a reason why the Chinese word for heart is the same word they use for mind, and they were the ones who coined the term “monkey mind”. You can decide to stop letting other powers “shock the monkey”. It’s how other forces have influence over you, shock. They have the cookie, or convince you they do, and maybe have you believing they are the only one who does or can have the cookie. This is how they get you to buy their cookie, be it a new car, or fancy clothes, or the new fad gadget. It is also how they sway the stock market.

It’s true we can’t seem to let go, just like the monkey. Yes, the tail wags the dog.

The upper mind can start to guide the monkey and psionics takes off? Exactly. The upper mind is like giving the monkey an AI for an ally. A really powerful AI that can outwit any regular human, and the monkey would know exactly what to ask it for.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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