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The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

Watchers & Walkers in Microcosm

Dream time

I don’t pretend to understand most of this, but dimensionality is feeling more and more like an “energetic” phenomenon rather than a spatial one.

The fourth dimension being the state of energy we call entropy, yes. To fourth dimensional beings our world is a coffee table in their living room. They can stand where they like in relationship to the coffee table world, but we as three dimensional beings are part of the coffee table.

Their ability to situate themselves freely in relationship to the entropic wave, also known as the zero point field, is also why we have a hard time understanding their reasoning. We insist that mechanistic cause and effect actually happens. They would look confused and say something like “what about over there?” and point in such a way that their arm would disappear.

We haven’t even gotten to the dimension of the logos yet. These are just the watchers. They are called watchers because they don’t move through space like we do. They move relative to us by focus of attention, “watching” instead of walking, and what they watch is the fifth dimension which they understand sort of like how we understand time/space.

Are we the ‘walkers’? We are, the linewalkers to be exact. It’s the only way you can stay on earth, staying on the song lines. For the watchers, there isn’t one single earth, there are many earths, all linked together like a fractal web. We, the walkers, spin this web. It’s in our nature. What we are supposed to do. The watchers actually give us the substrate that we use to experience free will. This is why they are seen as evil in old patriarchal religions. Early humans thought it was wrong and were afraid that free will would make them lose sight of “gods plan.”

The flatlanders give us something to walk, we give the fifth something to watch? Exactly.

What do we give the flatlanders? We give the flatlanders something to compute, something to know. They experience new shapes or forms as they know them through our actions. We seem to have magickal powers to them through our ability to interact with mechanism. Elemental spirits are flatlanders.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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