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Relativity is inherently the denial of realism. It denies shared experience.

Logitechs in Microcosm


About the akashic record or bardo… You have what some Buddhists refer to as the pure land. It has other names, the summer land, nirvana, Valhalla. It’s all and none of these.

The watchers give the fifth dimensional being something to be. The fifth dimensional beings collapse of probability in actual events creates a field. This is the “ground” fifth dimensional beings stand on. These beings are what we would call creators, but they don’t actually create anything. It’s an expression of their being. The principles that allow all the infinite possibilities we experience to exist are their flesh and blood, their thoughts. The watchers are just single points of consciousness in the entire field of actualization, like the creators neurons.

So atoms are the watchers? Yes, and if you insist an calling something imaginary, we are, though in truth nothing is fictitious.

Now these fifth dimensional beings interact in vast fields of potential existence, whole “membranes” of possible reality. Their interaction with each other gives rise to new realms of potential being… when a mommy reality and a daddy reality love each other very much …

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But even they have a technology. It’s something we experience in a round about way as the anthropic principle. This universe seems perfectly lined up to allow us to exist, because the fifth dimensional being engineers their environment to support their own existence.

Fifth dimensional beings have a problem with non-existence. They don’t want to die, so they create tools and technologies that just look like abstract principles to us, like the self correcting qualities that show up on the algorithms physicists use, to allow themselves to live and function more comfortably in the void we might call non existence, which is really a hyper existence. Let’s call it chaos. They make principle out of chaos. That’s what they do for watchers. The principles are what watchers navigate in order to support and prosper in their own state of being, and the process of quantum collapse is what gives us the sense of time and space and experience, meaning and existence.

Let’s call fifth dimensional beings the logos, or logitechs as they are not alone. These beings are in a sort of primordial existence, primitive and unevolved. As their process continues they eventually experience an “apocalypse”, which I mean in the original sense, a revelation. It’s like entropy is for us. This revelation of the potentials of their own being leads them into a state that spawns a new singular principle, a new “big bang.” They reincarnate, or really they do what trans-humanists want for us to be able to do, transcend the human/logos condition.

We are mirroring “god.” God is one of us, just a stranger on a bus trying to make his way home. They can eventually make their way to new states of not concrete being, but self directed being. The slob on the bus can gain control of his own destiny, before that he was just a creature of habit, feeling the pressures of principle, chaos management. It can even be stressful, but I think our scientists really underestimate our logos. I don’t think she will snap. What do you think?

Being has been round for a long time – – whatever dimensionality it assumes. It’s actually torus shaped. This is why this cycle has looped, like a human cell about to undergo fission.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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