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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Higher Dimensions in Microcosm


Shall I leave it at the fifth dimension for now?

You could have another class on the higher dimensions? Indeed, there are five more after that.

I left off at the fifth dimensional beings. The fourth dimensional beings could be compared to Buddhas. Fifth dimensional beings would be Brahma. Brahman to our personal Atman.

Time space is enfolded. To go out into the higher dimensions you have to go in, inward, again like a living cell. In order to differentiate enough to enter even the fourth dimension, the third has to be consumed, subsumed in a greater whole. This is why Buddhas experience of oneness occurred. He just found the handle on the door, discovered there was a door, and maybe turned the knob as he “died.”

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The door knob is always there, and is there for everyone, because we all occupy that space like the coffee table in the living room. Our minds can move like the fly that was on that coffee table, and touch the door knob even if we don’t automatically understand it.¬†Our minds are focused on the world, and are sort of in it in a complex way, but they are not of it.

So far we have covered things up to the fifth dimension. Each of these states corresponds to one of the sephiroth in the tree of life in Kabbalism.

The fifth dimension is special because it serves as a crossroads. Above it you enter an entirely different “world” so to speak, the aether that ancient philosophers sometimes contemplated, the “heavenly spheres.”

Some people ask “how far does my own being extend.” It extends up to the fifth dimension, but just as the information for your flesh and blood body came from a source other than you, the information for the “child” of the fifth dimension comes from dimensions higher than that.

The higher dimensions are like our parent? Yes, sort of a multidimensional Gaia principle.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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