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The only power is what comes from the heart.

Fifth Dimensional Being in Microcosm


The fifth dimensional being, that corresponds to you as you know yourself to be here, would be difficult to recognize as having anything in common with you. This being embodies not only your personal thread of existence but also all possible alternate threads. All the things you are and all the things you might have been, and it’s consciousness encompasses all the possible experiences and points of view you might have arrived at.

Seed of potential? Yes, but this is just it’s mentality. It also has a “body”, and it exists even in our dimension. Just as your body is subject to the influence of your mind as well as your mind being influenced by your body, the “matter waves” of the fifth dimensional being respond to it’s own consciousness. These seem to us like the outcomes that look like random chance.

Our events are the fifth dimensional being’s tissues, membranes to reference one theory. When we experience an event that seems like synchronicity, that is a “nerve” message reaching our own single body of consciousness. Synchronicity isn’t some mysterious power communicating with you, it’s you communicating with you. “Karma” would be your fifth dimensional hormone balance. The same thing occurs with deja vu.

They say that neurons that fire together wire together. Well, as much as all your potential paths have the possibility of ranging out from each other, they don’t do so in any absolute or mechanistic sense. Sometimes one locus of consciousness, one alternate you, arrives at a point of experience and awareness just a bit before you do, so things that happen for that alternate you occur to your awareness. The exact circumstances are never identical.

I have mentioned in previous classes about how we have innate preferences and affinities for elements of our experience and the world around us. Well, that’s as simple as the neuron wanting to be sheathed in glial cells. Brain neurons want to be in brain matter, and not being able to establish balance between your personal mind, and those elements of reality you have affinity for, is roughly the equivalent of neural inflammation, even leading to an unhealthy and threatening form of degeneration.

Fifth dimensional beings exist in an environment of other fifth dimensional beings. So not only does your personal quantum matrix, or fifth dimensional body, shape the process of quantum fluctuations about you, around you, it comes into contact with and is influenced by other such patterns leading to periodic “handshake” events where you and another person seems to be entangled in such a way that your combined experience seems to take on a life of its own, almost as if some third being were involved.

Like those times when we keep running into the same person over a few days who we never saw before? Periodically we’re entangled? Yes, it may not last long, but it is naturally occurring.

Everyone familiar with the concept of the collective unconscious? Remember earlier that I described fifth dimensional beings as being almost like gods?

The watchers? No, watchers are almost like angels and don’t have the creative power of fifth dimensional beings. Watchers are fourth dimensional beings, daemons or sentient subroutines in the whole process, same as we are on our level. Well, the archetypes and memes and perpetual aspects of human consciousness are fifth dimensional technology. In Kabbalism, the fifth sphere is often described as the domain of the lesser gods. We see the working of their technology in our dreams. We never see them directly. The highest we see is fourth dimensional beings or those things that through their own version of nanotechnology are able to insert probes into our own dimension.

We are the memory of a fifth dimensional computer. Watchers are browser software interacting with that memory. The programmer is Brahman.

Am I RAM or a hard drive? You are RAM. Earth is the hard drive.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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