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There is much truth behind jokes. The joke of the divine trickster is that he’s serious.

Being Rooted in Darkness


Why do we sand bag ourselves in with beliefs, worries, fears, philosophies? I prefer to leave my space open. I find these things in the world, and move through them. I find faith, and move through it. I find knowing, and move through it. They all relate in a very big and spacious world.

Philosophy is minds way to explain a world full of paradoxes. If one leave dualistic thinking those paradoxes are seeming paradoxes, then one can say goodbye to philosophy? You will still see philosophies objects, the things it regards. Your life doesn’t become more empty. It becomes more present.

  • To accept both ways of dualism is to transcend dualism.
  • I love paradoxes.
  • Paradoxes make me want to laugh.
  • Makes me question my old way of programming. They’re amazing.
  • Paradox is the way to try to express the inexpressible truth.
  • They make me think ‘god’ has a sense of humour.
  • God is the sense of humour.
  • Paradoxes make me want to cry. They aren’t helpful.

When you see a left post in a door and a right post, they stand opposed to each other. Do you fear to pass between?

Well, it is what ever stops me from making a decision. Which one is better? Yes. Go into the post of the door on the right and you stop. Go left and you stop. Realize there is space, and you are free to go.

I am not a fan of symmetry either. I like more natural patterns. What breaks dualism/symmetry is the third point, and the third point is empty. The first digit of the value of pi is three.

Can you have balance with asymmetry? If symmetry would be all, there would not be life. Yes, because it would re-affirm the reality of death. You would have only two realities, life and death, but there aren’t only two.

Maybe it is simply the idea of choice that makes me frustrated. Being overwhelmed with choices, and then being told to hurry and make my decision. You have only one choice. To be as you are. After you do that, everything else becomes very simple.

We are a marionette doll with free will. Every choice is in a frame of ones “blue print” defined by ones higher self? I would say no, we are many things and even deviation from self is self. We get a vote in the understanding of our higher self, thus no damnation. Things expand naturally, including initiatory purpose.

But a tree draws nourishment from its root, thus self is, but is not confined. Being rooted you can endure powerful winds, flames, earth quakes, and not have your expansion dwarfed by it. Cut the root and you blow in the wind. In life, my root is the awareness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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