Hawaiian Story Time #2 in Podcasts

We are honored to have MaiLe Firehawk share her native Hawaiian culture. She shares tales of Hawaiian values of spirit, mind and body.

Aloha, everyone. Story time at Sukelu this week. Stories, legends. This week, The Wind-Ka Makani, and Kilioe. Something about power over life and death in these.

voices on the wind
are calling us
to tell us the stories
of who we really are

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I have always listened to the wind, as long as I can remember. It seems to have a language all it’s own, the wind. It takes all the sound and reshapes it.

Even in hermetic lore, it’s said that each of the four elements is populated by as many beings as there are humans. Well, really more. So could be man wind spirits.

I have noticed some winds stay with people. I had a friend who had a wind that always told on them. They would say one thing, and the wind would change how it sounded.

Enjoy friends,
Dragon Intuitive

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