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Awareness comes out in action, word, deed, logos. Everything is language. Listening to that inner voice.

Meaning in Darkness


What is meaning?

  • What is skilful and what is not so skilful.
  • How can you discredit one thing and credit another?
  • It depends on the moment.
  • Meaning is purpose.
  • Who decides meaning and purpose?
  • How can anything be right or wrong if it has true meaning?
  • Because everyone has their own path.

Meaning is nothing, and you decide anyway. That is meaning.

  • You can’t decide on purpose. It just IS.
  • I think that is what leads to disappointments, happiness, etc. Expectations.
  • Every decision you make has all of those.
  • Like the source, just IS.

We are here and we decide. We choose, and we experience mostly what we choose to experience. The range of the senses is actually pretty limited. One persons pain is just stimulation for another.

  • Existence is perfect in itself. It doesn’t need other purposes, we do.
  • We don’t choose, we never choose. I don’t agree with choosing at all.
  • Or you always choose?
  • You always have things in the mind.

There is a way that makes nothing seem absolute, but we haven’t created this way that makes things seem so open. There is truth in this. We don’t need to fill in the space, we need to see that this seemingly absurd life is full of our “self”, and then we can know ourselves and what to do further. The seeming confusion in your life is about your perception. You are doing that, and you are being where you are. You can see that the world isn’t you, because it doesn’t work that way. You are your world.

What about the others? Don’t we have to include them in our frame of life? Others can be included by you. They were included by the space that you occupy, and the space in your thinking. Only your insistence on “trimming” them to fit makes them seem to be any burden.

  • You can’t control them though, so not really. You can only control how you, yourself, treats them. And their reaction is theirs.
  • We can keep philosophizing about philosophizing, but we will remain the same. Transformation will never occur because we are scared of the unknown. We keep trying to judge things and put labels on them, this is this and that is that when in actuality we are not even able to grasp things with our five senses, but only from within.
  • But they have to do with our peace. People always disturb or try to go against our way of life.

You have to do with your peace. If you are in a space where you feel you cannot be, then you choose. It isn’t about them. People never disturb or try to go against my way of life. They don’t know what it is to choose to do anything to it.

  • This was very enlightening. In more ways than one.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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