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Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

Primes in Microcosm


Shall we move beyond the fifth?

In the dimension sixth sphere, you have what we would perceive to be raw sentience having none of the distinctions we use to make intelligible sense of our world. Pure principle, pure expression. Where fifth dimensional beings would be the logos or word. Sixth dimensional beings would be the pneuma or breath… to explain what makes up the body of a sixth dimensional being. The fifth dimensional beings are everything you are or could be. Starting from the same basic seed, having the same basic preconditions, the same morphic field.

But we don’t go up that high ourselves? Actually, in a way we do, but only by a very oblique path. You won’t recognize it as having anything to do with you at all.

So the higher you go, the more abstract? Yes.

A sixth dimensional being is composed of fifth dimensional structures, meaning it is composed purely of potentials rather than processes. Preconditions. It would be the equivalent of the theological prime mover. So let’s call these beings Primes.

Logitechs, the respective logos or avatars that form our personal morphic fields, travel about in individual primes. In this case metaphorically speaking, a prime could be said to be like a planet. These primes are also like neurons, firing off messages to each other.

Not part of our body but connected energetically? Yes. We are made up of the energy of the prime, but have to shunt a great deal of it to take the forms we do, disperse it out into even potentials. These primes communicate in logos, in the fifth dimensional structures after they experience apocalypse. A sort of entropy threshold for fifth dimensional beings.

Big bang. Yes, each prime is made up of countless fifth dimensional beings.

The sixth dimensional Primes communicate by changing the fifth dimensional potentials? Yes, exactly.

Including us? Yes, though we wouldn’t recognize any transition. This process is why physicists are saying the quantum vacuum is unstable.

So we are pawns in their chat fest? As much as your fingers are pawns in your chat fest, yes.

They gab on the phone, and our paradigms are shifted.

Everyone is part of the order. It’s why you matter. Exactly, you matter very much. The health of a multiverse depends on it. Just like how one gene in your body can make you ill, one being in their body can make them ill. This is why they have immune responses.

So criminals are parts of a sick prime? Yes, though not always causing it problems directly. We carry a lot of viral DNA in our own genome, and so do they.

So a shift along the sixth dimension would look like vacuum instability to us, but is in fact no such thing, and the loss of information our scientists anticipate will not occur. There is no disintegration, only reintegration in a different phase. Whole universes move down the rabbit hole so to speak, but a prime isn’t even a whole universe. It’s really just about the size of our system. Our solar system if our solar system were enfolded to the mass of a singularity.

We are all part of the same prime? Not multiple primes on earth? All earths are one prime.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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