To the degree that any way becomes an object, it ceases to have any truth. Because truth is life and life truth, and we live still in still moments.

Apocalypse Beast in Microcosm


What do you call a seventh dimensional being? A seventh dimensional being is an apocalypse beast. To use human symbolism, figures like Ymir, Tiamat, Apophys, Uroboros, Nyx would have been such a being.

Ah, the multiple heads makes sense.

The universes are cells of the seventh, dying off and being created, which is what brane theory and the bubble universe theory say…. seventh dimensional biology? Exactly. This is why Sumerians say we act in such a strange and animalistic way, because we carry the blood of Kingu and the flesh of Tiamat. Despite the efforts of the logos we are still created of chaos.

What is the awareness of the seventh dimensional beings like? The awareness of the seventh is vast, protean. They consider things beyond any vague parallel of time. Time is a seventh dimensional being’s own feet, one of it’s limbs. They use time to communicate with each other. Like the waves being broadcast from our sun, a seventh dimensional being sends out temporal echos.

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“I’ll meet you when that guy is having a hamburger?” to quote Mitch Hedburg. Yes, if you were to ask a seventh dimension being what’s eating them, they would have to answer “me.” What’s bothering you? Me. What are you thinking about? Me. Everything is something it feels pertinent to it’s state of being.

I’m thinking that must be good for us. If the answer isn’t ‘me’, we go poof? Basically, yes. The breath of the chaos being is what creates and destroys universes. Breathing in, a universe is born. Breathing out, one is shunted off.

Uroboros is a serpent eating itself. Yes.

Seventh dimensional free radicals. Actually, more like seventh dimensional speech. They have found that space under extreme compression “melts.” The various states, a universe can fall into, are the waves of it’s own body and thought, and whenever a universe reaches what we think of as an end state…

Like around a neutron star or black hole? Exactly. It’s split off from the seventh dimensional being, but it takes the form of enfolded space. Space is a substrate of the seventh dimension, but space has other vectors, other “bodies”, where the anthropic principle doesn’t exist. Our seventh dimensional being could be metaphorically thought of as human shaped. It’s not. It includes the shape of every being that occurs within it so would look nothing like us. But for the sake of comprehension, the anthropic universes can be said to be human shaped.

Now most scientists think that any universes that fall outside of this range of possibility would be lifeless. This is not at all true, but the native beings of those universes would not register as life here instead looking like a current in the dark matter, a strange quantum ripple.

The consciousness taking on a different corporeal form. Yes.

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