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The reason you have come forth into a physical body into a physical world is to experience physical life to the fullest, to experience what this reality has to offer you in every way. You have not come forth to satisfy God or another being in any way. The reason you have come forth – and the only reason – is to allow yourself the experience which will cause you to come into further alignment with joy, with your true self or who-you-really-are.

While on Earth you will experience many things that will feel uncomfortable, which will demonstrate to you your lack of alignment with your true self or who-you-really-are. The experiences will cause you to feel clearly your connection or disconnection with who-you-really-are. They will allow you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be and they show you clearly where you have not yet chosen to allow goodness into your life. Your experiences are the most valuable part of your life on Earth.

When pleasing others is given higher priority in your life than allowing yourself to feel good or being connected to your true self, the joy you are currently desiring to allow into your life will remain unattainable because you are saying ‘Giving to others is more important than giving to myself.’ or ‘Others feeling good is more important than feeling good myself.’. The joy you are currently seeking cannot hope to enter your experience until you have made the experience of joy your highest priority. If you are not experiencing joy right now, then you have made something else your priority. This is clear.

The most important thing we want for you to understand today, therefore, is that in disconnecting from your being, from your joy, you are simultaneously denying yourselves the experience and reason for being here on Earth. Choose to put the life experience of another before your own and you simultaneously give up any contribution you could be making to the world, any joy you could be experiencing to and through you, love in all its forms, true peace – all-that-is-good you have decided to deny by putting another in the first place. If you choose another over yourself consistently then you have embarked upon a path that is far apart from that of the joyful path – you have decided that joy is not your highest priority.

When given the option of two different things to do, for example, during your day; One option fills you with a sense of dread, the other with some sense of goodness or joy and you choose the dreadful one – have you chosen in accordance with what you have intended for your life on the planet? Absolutely not.

In deciding whether or not to allow an experience into your life we would examine the good feeling nature of it. Do you feel good going forward with an experience or does it fill you with something other than joy? If the answer is that it fills you with something other than joy, the very best advice anyone can give you is to let it go from your experience. The joyful path is filled with joyful experiences and recognition concerning where you are currently misaligned with joy in order to align with joy. There is nothing else. There is only joy, recognition, and more joy. So, in choosing anything other than joy you have chosen to go down another road.

Choose joy = receive joy. Allow joy = receive joy. Go down the joyful road and enjoy joyful experiences. This is a very simple formula for living one’s life. The being nature of who-you-really-are understands this very well. Your mind has all sorts of reasons why it is not possible for you to embark on your most joyful life experience. Your mind wishes to create complication, diversion and allow you to focus in any other direction than the most joyful for your life. Therefore, the only real way to discern whether or not an experience is truly joyful for your life is through accessing who-you-really-are on the deepest levels.

The joy you are seeking is always available. There is always a joyful option regardless of the choices which are currently in front of you. The option of going down the joyful path for your life exists regardless of your situation now. There is always the opportunity to make a decision in a good feeling way. Continue making these decisions and you will have attracted a very joyful situation for your life. Disregard these opportunities on a regular basis and you will feel disconnected and less joyful overall. There is, however, always joy available to you regardless of what you have created for yourself.

The best thing anyone can do if they wish to embark on the joyful journey is to focus now on the elements of their current life experience that are the most joyful; to put a lot of energy and attention in those areas thereby allowing the experience of greater joy in. Choose to focus on the goodness already in your environment and more will come. This is actually very easy, but many of you choose to disregard this very good advice. Focus on the good = receive more good. Focus on the joy currently available to you, and soon your whole life experience will be blooming with goodness. Thank you.

Michelle Mettler
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive


Michelle Mettler is a powerful and open conduit for divine guidance and wisdom or All-That-Is. As she taps into the stream of infinite goodness and knowledge available to all, you are brought to a point of understanding on how to allow goodness or all-that-is-good into your life now. You can read more and connect with Michelle at Leading by Light.com

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  1. Juin Charnell

    I agree with choosing to be here but you don’t mention how Free Will fits into our purpose. Trying to be joyful all the time without consciousness is sometimes tremendously difficult. Being (human’s being) is more in alignment for me instead of thinking about joy but actually being joy. My body tingles when I am being the emotion. Just my thoughts. Juin

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