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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Firmly In Truth in Strategy


A southern USA Christian church celebrating Jewish Hava Nagila. It is a joyous inclusiveness moment. So, there are signs as you say.

I am given hope by these things, but it can’t just be an experiment. A spirituality fad is going to cost us dearly. People are seeing the gaps, but if they fail to see a way to choose with deliberation, to actively apply wisdom, then they will just sink even deeper into what caused the problem in the first place. Fear. It’s not enough to see that the old views are insufficient. There needs to be a way to establish ourselves more firmly in truth intentionally so it will last, and we won’t have to keep repeating the mistakes that have cost us so much in the way of life and liberty.

We have to ask ourselves, “How did our ancestors know?”. They did know something. We have not actually changed in our roots, just in our branches.

Did they know? Yes. They knew, but the clarity was rapidly lost.

A child, if not taught to think otherwise, is drawn to a puppy or kitty for the same reason they are drawn to a sibling. They will talk to things in the world without hesitation. They will not ignore any part of their mind and are fully aware of their feelings. Their flow of inspiration is boundless. Some cultures matured a bit more naturally than others. Rather than insisting on anthropomorphizing their world view, the more reflective and contemplative children grew into insightful adults. These adult “children” could see deeply into animal behaviour and guide the hunters in finding food. Either in eating as the animals ate, or eating the animals themselves if it was necessary. They also grew in experience regarding when not to eat the animals. From instinct, they knew not to traumatize the animal populations, because this would make the very land itself “sick”, as well as leave humans with hungry stomachs.

Chinese culture would take this so far as to actually guide science and early technology. They formed organized bodies of knowledge perhaps most evident in Taoist medicine that western medicine is now deferring to more and more.

But weren’t there also the greedy not so enlightened as well? Oh, there were greedy people, yes. Thus you have stories of taboo breakers. Even in early Imperial China you have stories of leadership ignoring the Tao or “way”, and all of the people suffering because of it.

We can know the way still, but the way cannot be codified. The way cannot be a “law”. It gives no support to nations/religions, but it gives total freedom to the spirit, and is why I speak of strategy as a spiritual topic. There is a heart to the spirit, and though forms and practices can change and may need to, we need not lose truth. Not loose the genuine intention behind our spiritual lives. If anything, we stand to gain much more of a grasp on it than we have ever had before.

Would you say we’re entering an era where personal responsibility is greater then ever before? It was always needed. It has just become a crisis now.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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