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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Attune to Higher Realities in Theban

Latin and Hebrew are two of the most frequently used languages in occult philosophy, and Cabalism makes deliberate use of cyphers not even necessarily for encryption, but as a way to divine secret meaning from “inspired” passages. Their traditional poetry being the biggest body they draw from, the Book of Solomon, as well as other sources.

Cabalism was huge in occult philosophy. Many of the seals you see, that can include characters even such as theban, were inspired by the cabalistic model of magick. Shall I elaborate?

Cabalism contrasts to natural magick, and Agrippa himself saw natural magick as goetic in essence, as having its workings dictated in essence by the “demonic” world. Natural magick seeks to understand the occult virtues of naturally occurring forces, substances, and phenomena in the physical world, where cabalism seeks to go “behind” apparent reality and look at sources rather than products.

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These people who saw the material world as demonic must have been pretty paranoid but then again maybe this explains modern society. Indeed. They were big influences on it even if they are rarely spoken of.

Cabalists seek through contemplation of metaphysical principles as well as ritual practices to understand and attune themselves to “higher” realities, and through this deepening understanding transcend not their own human natures, but the gross physical nature of the world itself, altering their relationship to physical reality through sympathetic resonance.

How can it be altered? Well, not so much altered as substituted through the refinement of the seekers own personal nature. Understand the world differently, in cabalistic thought, and it will work differently.

They can make the world work differently for them like magic? They were reportedly able to do so. Gaining powers of prophecy, healing, the ability to bless or curse people and things and thus bend the course of events, even “circumvent” god’s will. The philosophy behind that being that many of the seemingly arbitrary acts that god instigates are meant to serve as tests of wisdom or achievement in understanding the metaphysical structure of reality.

Now the system of correspondences that served as the “map” for attuning to these higher realties were perhaps of necessity abstract. So the strange circle shaped symbols you see with the strange characters and words and numbers are actually maps, not of physical reality but of the celestial realms. Celestial being synonymous with astral, and astral being synonymous with consciousness. They served the practitioner as a spatial focus for a non-spatial or hyper spatial attention shift. Made it easier to focus ones attention on the “imaginary” friends discovered in their studies, or enemies. That was the reason behind the preponderance of demonolatry for the most part. Demons being part of that metaphysical reality, they were subject to the same laws as any other being, and could be summoned, confronted, and bound, either into service to the occultist or just compelled to cease a course of activity they were involved in in that area. You could make the demon causing the crop blight go away, or even make it foster better, stronger, more abundant crops.

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