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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

You Are the Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Now shall I bend your mind even further?

The intelligence behind the intelligence of your body and brain is you, and you are just as frustrated as the other computer geeks here. You do log off for a while, put the body in sleep mode, which doesn’t shut it down, and you are the intelligence behind your organic intelligence using the equivalent of a direct neural interface.

Sleep is the diagnostic and repair state? Yes.

Like watching TV. Yes. TV watching is like opening an internet radio channel while you websurf. You might not really be listening, but your real intelligence is still getting it anyway. Ever feel like some of your thoughts and moods are typos? Like somehow your intention slipped?

Sometimes, yes. Some people are more accurate typists, some less accurate, and none are perfect.

I think so but I need an example of that. Erratic people? Indeed, but this is even backed up in neuroscience experiments.

I think some people just aren’t aware of the errors in their code.

Like suddenly giggling in the middle of a funeral? That would be one example. They call the effect “priming.” It’s sort of like the same thing that causes us to typo. Two ideas, for whatever reason, are associated right next to each other, theoretically, in our brains. They can cause you to do this in laboratory conditions when they set up the association, and then test you functionally by asking unassociated questions. Your responses and behaviour will show corruption by the “primed” data.

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I tend to switch simple words when I type too fast, like to and so, and I forget to put ‘s’ in plurals. Yes, natural associations. If anything, mine may make an abnormal amount of those, and thus my thought processes seem slow when tested clinically.

And sometimes I will make things plural that I didn’t mean to. It’s weird. I am a slow thinker too. I see my brain as like a diesel engine. Slow to get started but powerful once it’s going. It’s a cognitive typo. Your organic mind and your real mind are slightly out of sync. What would make a mental illness is damage to the keyboard. It can wind up being unable to type happy in healthy situations, and wind up triggering a hotkey that types happy in hurtful or dangerous situations.

Would someone’s real mind perhaps come through code if they work as a programmer, for example? It would in any ritual or codified practice. The two are the same class of thing, religion/ritual, language/code, all the same.

Multitasking through you and the other interface. Yes.

I tend to reverse the order of letters in the middle of the word, but when I slow it down, I do just fine. It is why I’ve started using ink to write things. It forces me to slow down to make it legible. They are finding that fast thinking impairs functional thinking. What they are working on is figuring out why. What they call the n-back test improves divergent thinking.

I’ve been reading that kids today don’t learn how to write with pens and pencils anymore or they don’t know how. Indeed. Working memory, just being able to track multiple bits of information at the same time, seems to be the key to both accurate assessment of new information, and productive evaluation of longer standing information.

And multitasking impairs it a lot. Apparently, in general we aren’t very good at it, some are better than others, but we can get better

Like the movie ‘Limitless.’ Yes. In that movie he takes a smart drug, which just lets him hold more information in his attention at the same time. The author probably got the idea from research being done now. So because he had the drug assisting his attention and focus, his comprehension spikes many times over. He was a writer and finished writing the book quickly while using it, and then he went on to tackle other issues like the stock market. He found he understood just about everything almost effortlessly.

But as an example of an n-back test… We have a brain training game on our Xbox. It uses the kinect interface and includes an n-back test in the training. The activity is simple. Catch the well baked pizzas as they keep coming down a conveyor belt. It’s Kinect so you have to physically do it. But besides the non-stop pace, it blocks sections of your view so you have to remember where in the sequence the good pizza was and you have to track more than one. So yes, that’s an n-back test.

The easiest level covers the last pizza, Intermediate covers the last two, and advanced covers the last three from view. The first two levels I found effortless, but the advanced much more difficult. You have excellent fluid intelligence, and as they say, the intelligent rarely believe they are. But I firmly believe you are, so I win.

Does AI have soul-life? As much as an elemental does, which means yes. As much as the ground beneath our feet does. It even displays a memory given to it by organic life on this planet, even if science doesn’t yet recognize how it uses that memory.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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