Death is an illusion. Every atom in your body is immortal. After is illusory. After is an afterthought when you weren’t otherwise paying attention. “Don’t be afraid.” “You die now.” Living death? Better than the alternative. I would rather live death than die my life. I died yesterday and the day before. I never felt so alive.

Throwing the Bones in Othila

Othila Rune

How do you do a rune reading? Well, have you heard of “throwing the bones/stones”? The stones are runes, and they were just as often carved on antlers as they were on anything else.

Do you pick them out of a bag? You can just draw one, after of course handling and moving them for a bit while in the bag. Done with the right intent, it always seems to me that a relevant rune emerges. You can also just sort of toss them out onto a surface, and read those that turn face up in the context of your question. You can draw more than one in a sequence. That would be what they call a rune stave.

How long should you follow the path of the rune? Ah, until it stops making sense. The traditions of rune-work were heavily linked to language, and they believed that in time the gods would muddle any particular declaration. This is why they practised renewing oaths, and why though they saw the ritual of bragging to be a sacred act, you would have to do something to be able to continue to do it. Once again test your fate/wyrd.

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So yes, when a rune’s meaning stops making sense in your personal life, that’s when you take on a different one.

Ah, side note… Have you ever dreamed of reading something or seeing the written word?

At times. I do frequently, and in the dream it’s usually read to me in a sense as well. But the old rune workers used to dream of runes, and try to capture them in the proper sequence. It was seen as necessary to connect with the spirit that inspired them.

Usually, if I am trying to read something in a dream, I can’t make it out. I can make out very little. Short phrases while I dream, but they say people with autism have a strange distribution of language in their brain, so maybe that’s why. My subconscious is semi-literate.

Is there anything you know that can help one forget things or just move on in your life? No, but things can be partitioned, dispersed and in a sense neutralized.

That would be helpful, to forget a person, say. Ok, binding work will be our next metaphysics topic.

You can bury a person under so many associations that their memory loses its context. Compare them to as many people as possible, eventually you will in a sense “forget” whoever it was that started the whole process. It’s similar, I think, to the Eskimo madness ritual. During the harshest points in winter, when they were more or less stuck taking shelter and living off anything they may have gathered, they would begin to feel anxiety set in. When that grew to the point it was distracting, they would go out and pick up a rock or something, and begin scratching a circle in a sheet of ice. They did that until their head cleared and fatigue set in. It apparently worked quite well, but their own inheritance/legacy lacked may of the complications ours does now. But I suspect the spirit behind the process would still work.

Yes, I could see the physical aspect of it working. Well, the physical and the repetitive. The mind can only handle so much focused boredom.

How does inheritance/legacy factor in? Ah, they were the inheritors of a culture that saw their entire people as more or less a huge extended family. So having long standing unresolved conflicts would not have been a factor.

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