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Grow in Your Sense of Presence in Othila

Othila Rune

How would we use the Othila rune?

If you would seek to grow in your sense of presence, commitment and investment in relationships and missions you undertake, marking and bearing this rune can serve to remind you of that. Meditation on this rune can strengthen the virtue of devotion, perhaps even piety if you value that, and it can serve to remind us that for everything we take, we are ultimately giving something. That for everything you do, there is always something left undone. Time spent sleeping is time not spent working or enjoying the present moment. It’s a good rune for reflecting on sobriety, of whatever kind you might value, and reminding us not to ego trip.

Ultimately, this rune would be of use to the entrepreneur, the primary householder, and the primary care giver for children or elders. It can impart strength and conviction to reflect on the simple truth that at one time that man or woman might have been taking care of you, and did create a legacy that very likely supports the reason you can know physical prosperity at all, maybe even mental and emotional prosperity. The wealth of their experience that they do tend to freely share, and they share it so freely because I think in their advancing years, they have come to realize what they really and truly have, and that would be relationships. Life experienced in the only way it ever comes, moment by moment, word by word, sight by sight, step by step. I have met some who are deeply appreciative of the fact that they could still walk.

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And still complain. Oh, indeed. We heard a lady say that today. She said that if you ever have a day where you are completely satisfied, it’s time to die. She honestly values her complaints and problems.

A very gregarious elderly lady. Yes, very patient and friendly. A great sense of humour.

When you do a rune reading and one is revealed, it’s saying to apply these things to your life or problem you were contemplating? Yes. At any given time, every rune is an actor in your life. Every moment they all come together in some way to create that moment. Some come out to the front of the stage, others stay backstage and do the support work, but they all are always working.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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