'Othila' Chapter

Othila Rune

This rune both symbolizes what is yours, and what you belong to as well. Is there any separation? This symbol represents everything. All you own and all you are.

To be human is to accept your inheritance, to accept the legacy of experience that was handed to you, and to which you have only been a small player in. Do we not ultimately do work for another? Because without our sense of place, in this great collective domain, our lives would be empty? This rune was the sign of lineage, including the pains taken in apprenticeship to learn your craft, and was the symbol of the mother/father.

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All You Own & All You Are

This is the rune othila, also known as odal. It is the symbol of inheritance, legacy, tradition, family and nation. Collectively, these all fall under the category of what’s mine. We are often very much absorbed in considering how to… Seek More

Experience of a Living World

Let’s take this to a more practical level. Why do you do anything for anyone else? Why does anyone do anything for you? Do they have to do anything? Do you? To be human and have a connection? To be… Seek More

Grow in Your Sense of Presence

How would we use the Othila rune? If you would seek to grow in your sense of presence, commitment and investment in relationships and missions you undertake, marking and bearing this rune can serve to remind you of that. Meditation… Seek More

Throwing the Bones

How do you do a rune reading? Well, have you heard of “throwing the bones/stones”? The stones are runes, and they were just as often carved on antlers as they were on anything else. Do you pick them out of… Seek More