'Dark Angels' Chapter

Dark Angel

Some form of the concept of angel has existed in every culture. The first and most fundamentally associated with the character that would arise from the dark lore were the Seraphim, the burning ones. The other dark order were the Cherubim, the thrones, sphynx like beings, more monstrous than even the Seraphim are described. Where the Seraphim were the deliverers of blessings as well as punishment, the Cherubim were more exclusively punishment.

Describing a real separation between dark angels and light is pointless. It gained popularity as a later convention. I guess people like systems that let them play one power against another. If there is no split, then nothing can offset divine wrath.

Angelic Dark Orders

Angel lore is very old. Some form of the concept of angel has existed in every culture. The word itself is derived from a Greek word, angelos, and was not even the word used by the Jewish culture we typically… Seek More

Views on Angels

I think angels in general are scary, because as I understand it they don’t have free will? That sounds dangerous to me. Their will is taken up by their innate power. They are the literal avatars or incarnations of the… Seek More

Better Than Death

There are some accounts of human apotheosis, a sort of reincarnation. Humans ascending to service in the order of angels. This is likely the origin of more than a few angels. Ezra was a human judge in life, and it… Seek More

Exile of Lilith

Whereas the dark angels were the very divine embodiments of wrath and despair, there were orders that embodied hope and wisdom, strength and growth. But there was no split between these, no defiance of the supreme being. In fact, the… Seek More

Ethereal Beings

I always though vampires were dark angels. Ah, vrolok are spirits suffering the punishment of the grave. Without free will, would angels have something similar to a hive mind? The angels in most lore just have the equivalent of really… Seek More