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There is stillness in the world and there is stillness in the mind. They echo each other. The observer and the observed.

Exile of Lilith in Dark Angels

Dark Angel

Whereas the dark angels were the very divine embodiments of wrath and despair, there were orders that embodied hope and wisdom, strength and growth. But there was no split between these, no defiance of the supreme being. In fact, the original references to Satan in the oldest stories originally bore the word for sin, suggesting that it was your own soul that served as your adversary.

We’re our own worst enemies as they say. Yes, and if bicameralism was the way of the mind, they would very likely have heard critical voices that seemed to threaten them.

Is there any suggestion that angels embodied both dark and light? Every suggestion, to the point that describing a real separation between dark angels and light is pointless. It gained popularity as a later convention. I guess people like systems that let them play one power against another. If there is no split, then nothing can offset divine wrath. Convenient for human reasoning, if dubious, though there are old references to the angelic orders behaving similarly to human tribes, having not only influence over the earth but each other as well.

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What springs readily to my mind is the story of the exile of Lilith. In this lore, Adam’s original partner was not Eve but a female named Lilith created at the same time as he was and possessed of a mind of her own. This is why the Bible refers to Adams unease and the suggestion that it was unsuitable for Adam to be alone. Adams grievance against Lilith is that she would not submit to him sexually, demanding to take the “dominant” position in their congress. She fled into the wasteland around Eden rather than continue to endure Adams attentions, and the story goes that two angels were sent to make her account for her infidelity. They had to seek her for a long time, but eventually they did find her, and she pleaded her case with them. Rather than punish her they granted a reprieve and the power to “name drop” so that no other angels would punish her either. Seems reminiscent of Egyptian lore which tends to be rather heavily sexualized, or at least once was.

Well, she would go on to take her revenge, as the angelic immunity she was granted included immunity to the actions of the angel of death. So she and her offspring are considered to operate as adversarial intelligences on earth though subject to the same divine order as humans in the long run.

She spies on us? Not her specifically, her children, the Lilitu. Those beings on the other side of the tracks from the Shedu. The Shedu is another name for Cherubim.

Did Satan and Lilith ever get it on? She is thought in some circles to be his consort, and Satan is thought to have seduced Eve as well, thus giving rise later to the race of giants, the Nephilim. According to the story it wasn’t just Samael, but a whole dominion of the Elohim.

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